Gaming License in Gibraltar

Gaming License in Gibraltar

The jurisdiction in Gibraltar is the comfortable offshore zone and is specifically high class. It gives businesses a range of various opportunities in the field of online gambling. To withdraw companies from the national legal framework to open a legal and authorized business, local business units are used.

Currently, lots of companies are registered here since this allows becoming a full EU member. Shortly, an online casino located in Gibraltar becomes completely European. Web lotteries, betting shops, gaming machines may be opened there and one may operate as agents on bets.

Gibraltar Has Other Useful Features

— High prestige and location, which guarantee the absence of unpleasant difficulties when working with partners and contractors.
— Comfortable interaction with European banking institutions.
— High level of technical development — highly qualified personnel operating in the market of the jurisdiction, good fiber optic Internet and communications in general.
— The possibility of direct processing of credit cards is available.
—Industry support by the government.
— Minimal tax at a rate of 1% gross on gambling, VAT excluded and no need in initial contribution payment.

Gaming License in Gibraltar - The Process

The local authority in there takes care to maintain its prestige and good standing, and therefore, it thoroughly monitors compliance with rules of doing business in gaming sphere. Thus, a license is required to start with since the online casino opening in Gibraltar requires a thorough consideration of all applications. However, it greatly increases the willingness of partners to collaborate with companies licensed locally.

Our company offers support in creating the gambling business and in obtaining all permits as required. The price varies in direct correlation to the trend chosen and starts with 30 million Euro + 2 million Euro every year for renewal.

The Gaming License in Gibraltar is granted by highly effective operators since they need to do a full verification. Conditions for gambling business opening in the local jurisdiction include:

  • Testing of the software used.
  • A stable financial situation and a real business plan available.
  • Taxation of foreign exchange at rates and so forth.

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