Getting a Crowdfunding License

Getting a Crowdfunding License: Raising Money for Your Business!

If you have a great idea, crowdfunding can help you raise the money necessary to implement it and attract like-minded people and potential customers. Not unimportant, unlike donations, in crowdfunding, contributors are rewarded for their contribution, whether it is a tangible or intangible contribution.

Do you want to launch a social project, start the production of an innovative product or expand an existing business in the EU? Crowdfunding is an excellent method to achieve your goal.

How to Provide Crowdfunding Services

Getting a Crowdfunding License

First, you must obtain a consumer credit and public financing license. 

On average, the time for obtaining such a license in Europe is 1 month. The minimum registered capital of the company is 40,000 euros. Depending on your goal, you can determine which type of crowdfunding is more suitable for you.

Crowdfunding platforms can be roughly divided into three categories:

Getting a Crowdfunding License

Credit Models (Crowdlending):

If your business is already successful and you need money for a short period, crowdfunding is the way to go. Individuals and other businesses can lend you money for several years or months.

Getting a Crowdfunding License

Investment Models (Equity Crowdfunding)

If you choose to invest in securities, stocks, shares, or equity instruments through a crowdfunding platform, you will receive a share, bond, or portion of the proceeds from the project in return.

Getting a Crowdfunding License

Models That Offer No Financial Return

Money for projects or donations are made as a charity, with no commercial gain.

Getting a Crowdfunding License

Is Crowdfunding Regulated?

A regulation of the European Parliament and Council, adopted on November 10, 2021, states that from November 2021, crowdfunding firms that provide bridge loans to businesses or allow investments in corporate securities or instruments accepted for crowdfunding purposes will be able to obtain a license.

The regulation does not apply to crowdfunding providers who give consumers interim loans. There is also no need to apply for a crowdfunding license for a crowdfunding platform that does not offer financial income.

An essential purpose of the Crowdfunding Ordinance is to protect investors. Before approving a license, the regulator will review and confirm detailed information about the company, its purpose, and responsible parties.

Since crowdfunding service providers operate primarily through electronic means, the inspection will also assess the company’s technical organization and continuity level.

On top of that, licensed crowdfunding service providers will be required to verify the information received from the project owner and provide the relevant information to investors. Investors must also be informed about conflicts of interest related to the proposal and measures to mitigate them.

The crowdfunding registration process requires an understanding of the specifics of such structures, the applicable law and regulation of the jurisdiction where the fundraising will take place, and other legal nuances.

You will need the assistance of professionals who will help you settle all the issues and provide quality service, which will further develop your project.
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Private Financial Services are ready to provide you with:

Business model analysis and determining the correct license type.

Choice of jurisdiction.

Structuring. Registration of a legal entity.

Preparation of documents for obtaining a crowdfunding license (Building a compliance program, including writing internal rules and procedures).

Interaction with the regulator on your behalf.

Assistance in opening a current account and merchant account.

After reception of the license – further support and accompaniment.

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