The created electronic payment systems allow money transactions online and via bank cards. The Toolkit is ranked at the market of services; this is one of the most profitable and common activities.

Product users have long appreciated the option to pay for the following: utilities; satellite or cable television; advertising services; mobile or cellular communication; opportunities to make purchases in the online store; services to purchase the hosting or the domain name for your website. Online commerce development is of special benefit; in particular, it is beneficial for online gambling platforms.

Any financial relationship involves three parties — a bank that issues payment cards and that warrants monetary obligations of the payment tool (issuer), the acquirer (a company that ensures compliance and procedure of card payments directly at the point of service) and the user of payment systems. For the legal commercial activities the parties, the acquirer and the issuer, are instructed to issue licensed permit that is issued in line with terms of the current legislation of the state (the jurisdiction they are subject to).

Specificity of the registering

Payment Institution License in Belize

Prior to apply, the company should meet a range of requirements. To manage a firm, the citizen of Belize, officially authorized, should be involved. The compulsory institutional requirement to the candidate company — the office address (virtual office) available that can be used to perform remote control of the unit (to accept and register applications and orders, receive correspondence, use postal services, receive fax and so on). The period for license issuance is one to three months since the date of actual official application to the IFSC.

The following requirements are developed and apply to potential license holders for of electronic payment system functioning: size of property intended to cover losses, repayment of debt, redemption of bonds and securities (capital reserve) shall stay in the range of five to one hundred thousand U.S. dollars (5000-100000 USD); capital and savings are deposited exclusively in the formal bank-counterparty that is the credit institution eligible to do business within Belize.

Payment Institution License in Belize

Benefits of license

Without the relevant right to do business, a company cannot function the organization that ensures the process of exchange of data and process data within the system (among the transaction parties and settlement). When choosing a jurisdiction for profitable execution of business activities offshore centers should be paid attention. Due to the flexible tax policy, high degree of anonymity and confidentiality of personal data, it is possible to obtain the targeted level of profit.

The government of Belize located in Central America refers to the best available and most convenient countries to do business. Belize is the part of the British Commonwealth of Nations. Its convenient location — in the Caribbean Basin — contributes to the development and attraction of foreign merchants. The motivating policy of the state sets low requirements to the formation of the authorized fund. No rigid time frame for the license issuance is there. The business sector, including companies acting under the license agreement to do business in Belize, constantly improves Internet technologies and the quality of data exchange. Along with standard benefits of offshore, developed networks with high-speed access permit to refer the state to the category of the most favorable countries for doing business. Among other advantages:

Monitoring of high risk operations with their reliable protection at the expense of foreign acquiring banks with no national reference or various offshore jurisdictions;

Comfortable interaction with the main account opened with a bank;

Option of payment for services using forms directly on the website;

Extensive range of payment methods available;

Optimized tax system, currency control and so on.

Legal system

The commission operates at the territory of the state that monitors financial companies registered and doing business at the territory of the state. It is responsible to check the company compliance with current legislation followed by the issuance of the license agreement. Requirements set for structures are very hard. Therefore, financial units with the clear policy can obtain the approval from the financial regulator.

Payment Institution License in Belize

International Financial Services Commission is guided by the following principles in its activities. Unlike other similar companies, the activity of the Commission is controlled at the government level. The structure helps to mitigate fraudulent enterprises; it reveals attempts to obtain the license by fraudulent method and prevents illegal activities of speculators. Due to significant authorities, the Commission is entitled to apply fines in especially large sizes unreliable regulated firms.

Serious formations appreciate their good standing, so they avoid violation of their obligations and respect client rights.

As unreliability is revealed, the company falls into the so-called black list. As a rule, this is due to disclosure of personal data of clients, access billing information (passwords, codes), high risk of loss of own capital.

Steps of the licensing process

Payment Institution License in Belize

To consider the nominated applicant for the permit, the company should issue and submit the prescribed form of the application to issue the license agreement. Moreover, the applicant should continue to collect and complete the full package of documents containing the personal information about managers, each shareholder, all official title of the company, contingency savings that support the solvency of the company.

The next step is to pay the monetary guarantee in the amount of five hundred dollars ($500 USD). If the company refuses permission, the paid fee is not refundable.

Upon primary approval the applicant is given details to pay annual fee for the license permit. Depending on activity factors, the volume of funds will make two and a half to five thousand dollars ($2500-5000 USD).

Monthly progress report is submitted to the Commission in the first decade of the period as specified.

In line with approved terms, the company is obliged to annually renew the license received. The Commission evaluates the solvency, efficiency of services delivered, prospect of company running in future.

Besides other requirements, the International Financial Services Commission is entitled to require written confirmation of professional conformity of the applicant, good standing of the unit and main representatives.

Payment Institution License in Belize

Useful information

In-house documents confirming the corporate activities should be publicly available for the commission that regularly monitors compliance with the provisions established rules.

The license permit holders are prohibited to deliver various services to residents of the state.

The coming structural changes and additions should be provisionally approved by the Commission.

The company is prohibited from placing the national currency in circulation, which is the Belize dollar.

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