Virtual financial asset licenses in Malta – Cryptocurrency license in Malta.

Under the Virtual financial asset Act, Malta was able to introduce four types of licenses for all companies which had the intentions of offering services related to cryptocurrencies. These 4 licenses comprise of different kinds of rights and their various levels of investment.
Through this guide, you’ll be able to learn about the investments that you can expect, whom they’re meant for and the permissions that they cover. You can also get to know how these licenses can benefit your organization.

These licenses are granted by Malta Financial Services Authority which takes time for one to learn and also review all the features of DLT models from all the applications. Upon application, you’ll be required to pay an application fee. In addition, every license is usually subjected to an annual supervisory fee, that may increase with an annual turnover.

The Virtual Financial Assets Act

The Virtual Financial Assets Act – Is one of the main acts that regulates ICOs/STOs, licensing requirements, licensing application procedures, cancellation. This is the act, which help you to better understand state regulations.

Types of Licenses

Class Activity Capital Requirements Fee

This is a simple placement and consulting for VFAs. This license entitles its holders to get and also transmit all orders relating to virtual financial assets and also to offer investment advice. This license is usually suitable for service providers or intermediaries offering investment advice for the crypto investments.

€ 50,000 €3,000

This license entitles companies to offer VFA service and control or hold customer’s money. It also controls customers not to trade their own account or operate a VFA exchange. This license is usually suitable for service providers who offer portfolio management for the crypto investment, wallet providers and the P2P exchanges.

€ 125,000 €5,000

This license entitles its holders to offer any type of VFA service and to control or hold customers money. However, one is not allowed to operate a VFA exchange. Since this license offers granted rights, it has been seen as the best choice especially for the market makers and OTC traders.

€ 730,000 €7,000

This’s the most comprehensive license which entitles companies to hold or control customers money and also operate a VFA exchange. It also entitles companies to control virtual financial assets, private cryptographic keys and be the custodian of nomination services only in the activities of VFA exchange.

This license is usually intended for any kind of cryptocurrency exchanges. Maltese governments have used this license so that it can get into the attractive exchanges which are anticipated in the future from this business. Due to the complexity of this license many large industries such as OkEx and Binance has been able to use it.

 € 730,000  €12,000

What types of companies require a license?

Perhaps you might be wondering why you may be required to apply for the above licenses and pay all the required fees. One of the main reason that you can realize is the additional trust that the above licensing can offer in regard to supporting and securing investments for your company. Instead of you loving to a dubious offshore location, you can benefit from the available trust investors in blockchain island, Malta and the international financial center.

It’s time, that you make a decision of getting a VFA license in Malta so that you can benefit from the first legal frame offered in the world in regard to DLT technology. The checks which are conducted by the MFSA can assist you to discover and evaluate any new and vital aspects of your DLT which you’ve never considered in the previous years. As experts, we recommend that any company which is related to DLT and wishes to offer its services in the European Union to make a decision of applying for a Virtual financial asset license in Malta.

The support of license application by Private Financial Services

We will assist you in all aspects starting from project analysis, company registration, applications preparation, submission and all other stuff.
If you’re stuck in this process of application we have a team of experts who are always ready to assist you. The Maltase government makes us confidence that they’re willing to support and facilitate legally licensed corporate activity, especially in the blockchain sector through their policies. The government has been able to lay down technology friendly conditions and framework which makes it easy for us to offer our service.
In case you wish to find out more on how we can support and advise you when you’re applying for a cryptocurrency licenses in Malta, then you should not hesitate to contact us today.




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