Online Casino in the Antilles

Online Casino in the Antilles

The Antilles in the Netherlands that include Curacao in their legal field is the very favorable solution for gambling online. Gambling agencies are licensed here, though the costs are far lower than those of many similar sought-after offshore. One of advantages is that several partnering companies may do business based on a single permit. In addition, the Antillean Islands offer a lot of benefits to online casino owners and some of them are worth mentioning:

  • Two types of licenses may be obtained: basic license or annual sublicense with the possibility of renewal.
  • The gambling is not classified here.
  • There are no strict requirements regarding the server hosting. Exception – servers in Curacao should be physically located on the island.
  • No quarterly or monthly fees are there.
  • Quite simple procedure of licensing and company registration with no bureaucracy and extra complications.

Certain features of gambling online in the Antilles. The gambling functioning on the island is controlled by the local national committee that controls:

  • A legal entity duly registered on the territory of the state. This is controlled by the Chamber of the Antilles.
  • Gambling system auditing in complete with software and players who make deposits.
  • Licensing fees in the amount of 35 thousand US dollars.


The Income Tax for online gaming activities – 2%. No VAT, export or import duties. No tax on dividends. Private Financial Services will assist you in company formation and licensing. We require from your side the following:

  • Passport certified copy.
  • An agreement with gaming platform.
  • Bank Reference Letter.
  • Source of wealth confirmation.
  • Business plan.

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