Forex License in Mauritius

Benefits of Forex License in Mauritius

Specific Advantages of Going with Mauritius:

Zero exchange controls;

Major international banking groups including HSBC, Barclays, Afraisa, and Standard Chartered are licensed in Mauritius;

With major investors from places like Russia and Israel, the financial services sector is growing at 6% per year;

Because your Forex company will be non-resident, it will be tax-exempt;

Only MLRO, compliance officers, and non-executive directions have to be based in Mauritius, so you can run your company from wherever you want;

Mauritius has extremely competitive professional service costs;

All of your information that is submitted to either the Financial Services Company or the Registrar of Companies is guaranteed to be confidential.

Forex License in Mauritius

Forex License in Mauritius and a Legal system

Mauritian Forex brokers (with Forex License in Mauritius) have virtually no restrictions when it comes to the type of assets that they can trade and the advice they can give their clients, which can give your company a lot of freedom. When you decided to get your license through Mauritian, you will be able to manage your customer’s portfolios in both CFDs and FX and execute trades for your customers.

Permitted activities include:

Acting as an intermediary for your clients’ security transactions;

Give investment advice;

Manage your client’s portfolios;

Trade securities as principal with the intention of reselling them to the public.

Forex License in Mauritius

Forex License in Mauritius – Useful Information

Costs, fees, and charges

Service fees depend on your specific needs;

Regulatory fees are a one-off payment of 30,000 EUR or 1,000,000 Rupee;

Annual fees depend on the level of local support your company requires.

Bank Account Package

As previously mentioned, if you decided to go this route, we will help you obtain a corporate bank account in Mauritius with one of the major banks. With this account, you will get online banking and debit cards. Additionally, it will be easy to fund your account with SWIFT along with either VISA or MasterCard.

Forex License in Mauritius

Our application services

Prepare relevant application forms to get Forex license in Mauritius;

Help you prepare your business plan in accordance with FSC regulation;

Tailor the CV of all senior officers of your company;

Help fill out Personal Questionnaire Forms for Directors, CEO, Compliance Officer, MLRO, and Deputy MLRO;

Draft relevant internal policies and procedures;

Help you procure local MLRO and compliance officer;

Procure you a local bank account in EUR and USD;

Help you obtain a cheap local office;

Help you with the necessary measures regarding your infrastructure, security, and safety;

Help you set up sales, retention, and IT operations and legally integrate them.

Thanks to good practices, experience gained, qualified theoretical knowledge, the experts employed by the Private Financial Services will quickly and qualitatively help to open and register the business activity in Mauritius.
Forex license in Mauritius is a great chance to become reputable FX broker.
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