Anjouan Gambling License

Navigating the intricate labyrinth of regulatory intricacies, Private Financial Services has firmly established itself as a seasoned leader in the realm of licensing facilitation. With a wealth of experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence, our adept team has masterfully orchestrated the acquisition of licenses in Anjouan for an impressive portfolio of over 30 distinguished, both B2B and B2C gambling enterprises, solidifying our reputation as the go-to partner for navigating the complexities of licensure in this thriving domain.

Unlock Global Possibilities with an Anjouan Gambling License

Global Player Reach: Seamlessly extend your game offerings to players across diverse jurisdictions around the globe. Break free from boundaries and unveil a world of potential customer engagement.

Compliance Assurance: Navigate the intricate labyrinth of laws and regulations with confidence. Anjouan Gambling License empowers you to operate your venture with unwavering compliance, ensuring a secure and legally sound environment for both you and your players.

IP Rights: To have an opportunity to hold intellectual property rights and to do any business not prohibited by law and regulations;

Crypto Casino in Anjouan: The Anjouan license allows you to provide crypto-related games.

Advantageous Regulatory Landscape for Gambling: Navigating the regulatory landscape of the Anjouan Gambling License proves remarkably advantageous for both budding startups and established players in the online gaming realm. This island gem boasts a succinct and well-defined gaming law, ensuring operators revel in a remarkable degree of operational flexibility. Beyond this, the law prioritizes player protection and upholds responsible gaming practices, fostering a secure and trusted gaming environment.

Economically Accessible Fees and Costs: Acquiring the coveted Anjouan Gambling License comes with unprecedented accessibility, particularly when juxtaposed with other offshore licensing jurisdictions. Unlike its counterparts, Anjouan presents an alluring affordability factor. Furthermore, the application process welcomes businesses from around the globe, allowing existing operators to seamlessly integrate this license into their current corporate frameworks.

Anjouan Gambling License

Documents Required
for Anjouan Gambling License

In order to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, every individual holding a position as an officer, authorized personnel, shareholder, director, beneficial owner, or ultimate beneficial owner is obligated to furnish the subsequent documents:

Certified Copy of a Valid Passport: Submission of a duly attested copy of a currently valid passport is imperative. The pages containing the individual’s photograph and signature are essential components of this submission.

Recent Utility Bill: A utility bill that has been issued in the recent past should be provided. This is a crucial element of the documentation process.

Police Clearance Certificate / Certificate of No Criminal Record: A certificate affirming a clean criminal record, obtained from the relevant authorities, must be included.

CV / Resume: A comprehensive curriculum vitae or resume showcasing the individual’s professional background is an essential inclusion.

Original Banker’s Reference: A letter of reference from the individual’s banking institution, indicating a relationship spanning a period of not less than 2 years, is to be submitted in its original form.

Original Professional Letter of Reference from an Accountant or Lawyer: A letter of reference from either a certified accountant or an established lawyer, reflecting a professional association extending over a span of at least 2 years, is mandatory.

Content Details and Copies of Agreements: Comprehensive information about the content, along with copies of agreements and, where applicable, third-party Random Number Generator (RNG) testing certificates and Return to Player (RTP) details are required.

Proof of Domain Ownership: Concrete evidence demonstrating ownership of the domain must be submitted.

Copies of Terms & Conditions: Copies of the Terms & Conditions are to be furnished. These must encompass policies addressing underage gaming, responsible gaming, and player Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols.

It’s important to note that all documents must be in English and should not exceed 90 days from their date of issuance. In cases where documents are not originally in English, certified English translations are obligatory. Adherence to these guidelines is vital to ensure a smooth and compliant process.

Anjouan Gaming License and Our Services

Operating in the corporate services arena since 1998, Private Financial Services has evolved to offer specialized legal support for gaming firms over the past decade. Our accomplished portfolio features acquired licenses from key jurisdictions such as Curacao, Anjouan, Malta, Isle of Man, Kahnawake, and Estonia. We’ve also played a pivotal role in shaping local regulations, serving as members of working groups in several European countries. At Private Financial Services, expertise and regulatory engagement converge to empower your gaming ambitions.


We help to get licenses for gambling since 2012


We helped more than 30 companies to get Anjouan gaming license


24 days – period on average to register a company and obtain an Anjouan gambling license

Private Financial Services: Your Pathway to Anjouan Gambling License Success

We will assist you to register a company for Anjouan Gaming Company;

We will assist you to get a Gaming License in Anjouan;

Providing a legal address and secretary service;

The Anjouan license requires the preparation of an AML/CTF program that we will prepare for your project;

We shall help you to connect to the acquiring and open bank accounts;

We will help in the preparation of a business plan;

Anjouan license and company are often used in conjunction with a European company, if necessary, we will help to structure the project;

If necessary, we will help in registration of a trademark and intellectual property rights;

Need a gambling platform? We will help you choose the best one;

After the gambling license is obtained, we will be providing comprehensive support further.

Anjouan Gambling License

Anjouan Gambling License
Important Information

Tax-Free Haven: Anjouan’s online gross gaming revenue (GGR) remains untaxed, paving the way for substantial financial savings for operators.

Swift and Seamless Licensing: Anjouan’s expedited licensing process facilitates a rapid launch for operators, ensuring their businesses hit the ground running.

Cryptocurrency Embrace: Anjouan-licensed online gaming operators seamlessly integrate cryptocurrencies as a preferred payment method, fostering innovation and versatility.

A Supportive Ecosystem: The administrators of the Anjouan Gambling License exhibit unwavering dedication to the online gaming industry, offering comprehensive support to operators.

Anjouan Gambling License

Anjouan Gambling License

For years, Curacao has reigned as the online gaming licensing haven. Nevertheless, escalating competition from alternative jurisdictions has cast shadows over its supremacy. Amidst the uncertainties encircling proposed changes in Curacao, the Anjouan Gambling License emerges as a formidable contender, primed to capitalize on this shifting landscape. As a potential alternate or “backup” license, Anjouan is on track to emerge as the preferred destination, ascending to the pinnacle of online gaming licensing.

The Anjouan license, while promising, currently faces certain intricacies in terms of recognition within the realm of payment processors and banks. This can lead to challenges when it comes to account opening and processing, as these institutions may not yet be well-versed in the specifics of the Anjouan licensing framework. Moreover, there is a prevailing lack of awareness among players about the credibility and reliability of the Anjouan license. This gap in understanding can occasionally cast doubt on its legitimacy within the larger gaming community. As the landscape continues to evolve, initiatives to enhance the visibility and comprehension of the Anjouan license could contribute to addressing these concerns and solidifying its standing as a trustworthy and respected licensing option.

Anjouan Gambling License

Anjouan vs Curacao
vs Isle of Man

  1. Favorable Regulatory Environment: Anjouan offers a streamlined and business-friendly regulatory framework, ensuring a smoother and more efficient licensing process compared to Curacao and the Isle of Man. This agility facilitates quicker market entry and operational launch for gambling businesses.
  2. Cost-Effective Licensing Fees: Obtaining a gambling license in Anjouan often comes with more accessible and cost-effective fees compared to both Curacao and the Isle of Man. This financial advantage can significantly benefit startups and small to medium-sized operators looking to establish their presence.
  3. Global Accessibility: Anjouan’s licensing is open to businesses worldwide, making it an inclusive and versatile choice for operators across the globe. This accessibility contrasts with the more limited jurisdictional scope often associated with Curacao and the Isle of Man licenses.
  4. Emerging Competitive Edge: While Curacao and the Isle of Man have long been established as licensing hubs, Anjouan is a rising star in the industry. Choosing an Anjouan license offers operators the advantage of being associated with a more novel and potentially less saturated market, allowing them to stand out in an evolving landscape.

By opting for a gambling license in Anjouan, operators can benefit from a combination of regulatory efficiency, cost savings, global reach, robust player protection, and a competitive edge, ultimately positioning themselves for success in the dynamic world of online gaming.

Embark on your Anjouan gambling license journey with Private Financial Services as your strategic legal partner. Experience a seamless, compliant, and successful path to obtaining your license, setting the stage for your online gaming enterprise’s remarkable achievements.

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    Anjouan Gambling License

    FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions)

    1. What is an Anjouan Gambling License?

    Anjouan gambling license permits you to conduct all kinds of online gambling. You don’t need a special permit for casinos, poker rooms, or betting.

    2. Can I trust a Anjouan Gaming License?

    Anjouan gambling licenses have been issued for a while, and many companies successfully use them. Therefore, Anjouan can be regarded as a new license.

    3. How do I get a gambling license in Anjouan?

    To get a gambling license in Anjouan, you must first establish a limited liability company. A business plan, financial projections, internal rules, and procedures are required to apply for the license. 

    4. How much does it cost to get a gambling license in Anjouan?

    Gambling license from Anjouan is also notable for its affordability: the annual cost of a license for all types of gambling in Anjouan starts from EUR 14,000. But, of course, the price depends on the functionality of the license. 

    5. How long does it take to get a gambling license in Anjouan?

    You will need approximately two to four weeks for your application to be processed and approved.

    6. Who regulates Anjouan gaming companies?

    Anjouan’s licensing authority regulates gambling companies, ensuring the legality and stability of the Anjouan gambling industry.

    7. Can I accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method?

    Yes, you can accept most coins and other virtual assets with an Anjouan license. 

    8. How can I get more information?

    Private Financial Services provides a full range of corporate services, including company registrations, bank accounts, license assistance, cryptocurrency and fintech projects, the gambling industry, and much more.

    The Private Financial Services team will be happy to discuss matters in more detail.