Crypto License in Mauritius

Crypto License in Mauritius

We have been assisting with corporate services and licensing in Mauritius (Forex, insurance, banking licenses) for decades, now crypto licensing became also available in Mauritius, and we would be more than happy to assist you with obtaining your license in Mauritius.

Companies that have been registered according to the law can apply for a VASP license. This license allows them to deal with virtual assets. They are required to have an office in Mauritius in order to get this license.

Cryptolicensing in Mauritius may provide more security and stability for companies looking to trade virtual assets.

Crypto License in Mauritius
Allowed Activities for Authorized Crypto Companies

Crypto License in Mauritius

Fiat Gateway

Virtual asset exchanges can provide a fiat gateway, which allows users to buy and sell virtual assets for traditional currency.

Crypto License in Mauritius

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Different virtual assets can be exchanged with one another, allowing for a diverse and global market.

Crypto License in Mauritius

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Storage of virtual assets can be safe and secure, preventing them from being lost or stolen.

Cryptocurrency Management

Management of virtual assets can be delegated to experts, who will oversee their trading and storage.

Crypto License in Mauritius

Professional Advice

Professional advice on virtual asset transactions can help ensure that they are conducted safely and efficiently

Crypto License in Mauritius
Regulation and Requirements

Crypto License in Mauritius

Types of Licenses

There are different types of licenses that can be obtained in Mauritius to allow certain activities with cryptocurrencies.
– Category M allows a company to act as a market maker, or broker-dealer, exchanging virtual currencies for real money or between different virtual assets.
– Category O allows a company to provide virtual wallet services as well as VA transfers.
– Category R allows a company to provide storage and management services for VA, as well as tools for implementing control over VA.
– Category I allows a company to offer advice on issues and operations related to the sale and offer of virtual assets.
– Category S permits the function of a platform for VA transactions.

Crypto License in Mauritius


When you want to make a sale for virtual tokens, you need to follow some rules. The license for selling virtual assets in Mauritius also covers ITO – or Initial Token Offerings. This means that when you want to sell tokens, you have to give accurate information about your company and the project you’re doing in the White Paper.
This includes information like:

– Who is in charge of your company?
– What will the funds from the ITO be used for?
– What do the tokens represent?
– How much money do you need to get your project live?
– How will people use the funds raised during the ITO?
– What are the terms for using the tokens?

Crypto License in Mauritius

Local Presence

Crypto businesses in Mauritius are required to operate from Mauritian territory. To ensure that activities are carried out within jurisdiction, the following will be taken into account:
-the place where strategic decisions are made about the business and its risks;
-the location of executives who make significant organizational decisions;
-the place of directors’ meetings;
-the location of employees’ and managers’ residences;
-the location of any meetings which are used to make political decisions.

Other Requirements

The requirements to obtain a VASP license in Mauritius are that the company must abide by the principles of honesty and justice, be professionally skilled and diligent, and adhere to high standards. Additionally, the VASP must maintain its own solvency and resources, protect customer data, and prevent the illegal circulation of funds. Finally, the company must support mechanisms to preserve confidentiality.

Our Lawyers will Help You to:

Analyze and adopt your business model according to Mauritius legislation;

Form a company in a required legal form;

Develop internal compliance manual, policies and procedures;

Prepare your documents to apply for crypto license in Mauritius;

To submit your application and interact with Mauritian authorities;

Arrange a legal address for the company. If necessary, assistance in finding a separate office and hiring qualified personnel;

A crypto license in Mauritius is a new way to scale your crypto business.
If a license in Mauritius does not suit you, you can consider applying for a cryptocurrency license in Poland.

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