The companies are offered the opportunity to legally do gambling business in the state of Antigua and Barbuda at the governmental level. Many online organizations operate on the territory of the country including gambling bodies with interactive pattern and offices that accept bets on sporting events (bookmakers).

Anyone may participate in gaming without any reference to citizenship. Department of gaming supervises the activities of the company. A specially created FISPAA business unit grants licenses for business activity in gambling category. The business unit is authorized to make a decision to grant the right to exercise the offshore activities to companies registered within the jurisdiction.

Antigua and Barbuda Gaming License

Benefits of license

The government is the one that started registration of offshore companies engaged in gambling business. The favorable environment is created for representatives of gambling bodies:

Owners of the business running on the territory of the state not subject to pay taxes to the treasury;

Opportunity to apply to nominal representatives. Real business owners are entitled to stay outside the jurisdiction;

A large number of international contracts concluded with offshore centers in other countries. For instance, the Indian reservation Kahnawake is listed;

The country is on the list of companies authorized by the UK to advertise their activities on the territory of the state. Moreover, the company may attract potential customers based in the United Kingdom;

The right to localize operating systems outside the state. The only condition is that the master server should be located within the territory of Antigua and Barbuda.

Registrations fee

At the initial stage, companies should fulfill the binding condition – to deposit ten thousand U.S. dollars based on irrevocability. Upon application, owners should pay a fee in the amount of fifteen thousand dollars.

For gaming activity, the companies should make an annual payment to the state treasury as specified. For online casino, the deducted amount is sixty thousand dollars. Bookmakers need to deposit thirty-five thousand dollars.

Antigua and Barbuda Gaming License

Types of licenses

Authorized agencies have developed a range of licenses depending on their intended purpose:

Betting agencies that accept bargains and bet on sports. The cost of permit is seventy-five thousand US dollars;

Focus on gaming. Online casino arrangement costs one hundred thousand dollars;

Special permits for members of the gambling managing sector.

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They will collect and prepare a package of incorporation documents as required. The process of registration will take no longer than three weeks.

They will apply for the selected type of license and will offer a choice of a nominee manager.

They will monitor the payment and the receipt of fees on the account and regular cash collection.

They will ensure filing of certified permit to use the software.

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