Vanuatu Forex License

Note — IMPORTANT UPDATE! Forex brokerage company in Vanuatu.

Dealers in Securities Act No. 11 of 2017 16/06/2017

In connection with changes dd. 16/06/2017, the beneficiary is obliged to pay a deposit of 5,000,000 Vanuatu Vatu or 50,000 USD with the Bank to be as the security deposit. Yet, the obligation for financial statement is introduced.

These measures were taken by the government of Vanuatu to intensify the prestige of the island on the international financial arena that will positively impact the standing ofthe Forex companies with Vanuatu.

Also, we are willing to offer the accounting services on the island of Vanuatu.
P.S. Currently, we have been working on various options and funtions to simplify the process. For the latest information, please contact our specialists.

Although Vanuatu is not so sought-after in our country like certain Islands of the Pacific Basin, this jurisdiction is incredibly convenient for most categories of business owners. This is especially true about structures in the financial field. The Forex trading company in Vanuatu has many advantages that will be described below. Also, this jurisdiction can offer quite a lot of beneficial advantages, including the absence of such unpleasant taxes:

inheritance tax, tax on income, capital gains tax

It is obvious that not only companies that are intensely engaged in binary options or Forex trading activities are extremely concerned in the establishment of such a firm in such a convenient jurisdiction but also many others.

Despite the fact that, predominantly but with some exceptions, Forex and binary options activities are strongly controlled in common jurisdictions, it is clear that an organization licensed to hold Forex activity, takes a considerable advantage to its competitors in this market, since it has the growing reputation and the credibility among potential traders is increasing.

A lot of problems and inconveniences are solved in parallel, for example, an account opening with the bank with decent reputation, despite the fact that acquiring banks and processing firms will be much more favorable to the company to offer lower commission interest from payments. This is because they will assume the operating activities of the licensed company much less risky than the same activity with non-licensed companies.

Firms licensed to run on this island will be much easier to get a financial license in the European jurisdiction in future.
The operational registration process and small related expenses.

Below find the list of benefits to choose Vanuatu to get a license:

It requires an extremely low stock capital, even if it is compared with those in other popular regional jurisdictions, such as Belize or Mauritius. As of today, the following requirements  are set for the stock capital: the amount equivalent to 2 thousand US dollars is required. Besides, this amount is not frozen at all; later on, upon the license, it can be used at ease.

No doubt that this country may boast of the operational control of licenses obtaining for binary options and Forex brokers. Here, you may get the license required within 2-3 months.

Vanuatu Forex License – Process:
— company registration
— legalization of the package of documents
— seal fabrication
— payment of state duties duly prescribed
— delivery of statutory documents

Process Dealers under securities license:

  • Preliminary preparation of the business plan
  • Preliminary preparation of KYC-related documents
  • Preliminary preparation of AML-related documents
  • Connection of Compliance officers and AML
  • Payment of state duty required to get a license
  • Filling out forms to get a license with their subsequent submission
  • Opening an account with a banking institution
  • Completion of the required banking questionnaires
  • Collection of documentation required for BO and the firm with subsequent submission
  • Preparation and qualified assistance in formalizing of auxiliary papers to be likely requested by the banking institution
  • The process of connecting to the payment system to accept Visa and Mastercard cards

The term of license is annually renewed

The service to prolong the period of validity of the Vanuatu Forex license includes:

  • Annual fee payment as prescribed for the license
  • Annual duty for company prolongation
  • Submission of annual reports
  • Service to offer the legal address
  • Upon request, services of the nominee Director

When currently assessing benefits of Vanuatu, one should take in view that this country is the undisputed leader in terms of speed to obtain licenses, as well as their quality and final cost. If you require to obtain a license of the Forex broker in Vanuatu, our professionals will deliver the expert and prompt help to obtain this license in this island area. If you want, you may purchase a running company in Vanuatu with the valid license of a Forex broker. Send your request in our contact form and we will deliver a quality assistance in process of obtaining the required license of a Forex broker in the jurisdiction of Vanuatu.

Our professionals will also provide the professional advice on obtaining the required licenses in any concerned jurisdiction. If you need the advice or have any questions on how to get a license, you can call us at the number shown on the portal, phone or use the convenient contact form and our staff will contact you online.




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