Tobique Gambling License

Private Financial Services has carved out a leading position in the complex world of licensing facilitation, navigating through regulatory challenges with expertise and precision. Our experienced team is dedicated to excellence, successfully securing licenses across various regions for an extensive portfolio of over 50 prestigious B2B and B2C gambling enterprises. This track record has firmly established us as the preferred partner for companies seeking to overcome the intricacies of obtaining licensure in the dynamic gambling industry.

Unlock Global Possibilities with a Tobique Gambling License

Licenses can be secured within two weeks of application with minimal bureaucratic obstacles. The streamlined process ensures that businesses can start their operations quickly, reducing downtime and enhancing efficiency. This fast-tracking is particularly advantageous for companies eager to capitalize on market opportunities without lengthy delays. The ease of the application process is a significant draw for new and established businesses alike.

Tobique does not impose extra fees or taxes beyond the annual license fee, making it an affordable choice for new businesses. This cost-effectiveness allows startups to allocate more resources toward growth and development rather than regulatory expenses. By avoiding additional financial burdens, companies can maintain better financial health and competitiveness. The affordability of the Tobique license is a key factor in its appeal to emerging enterprises.

This license covers all gambling verticals, including online casinos, sports betting, bingo, table games, and more, excluding physical prize drawings. This comprehensive coverage means that businesses can offer a wide range of services under a single license, streamlining operations. The broad scope of the license ensures that companies can cater to diverse customer preferences and expand their market reach. This versatility is crucial for staying competitive in the dynamic gambling industry.

The license is valid for one year and can be renewed annually. This annual renewal process provides businesses with the stability and continuity needed for long-term planning and development. Knowing that the license can be renewed without major complications allows companies to focus on strategic growth. The predictability of the renewal process is a significant benefit for business sustainability.

There are no restrictions on the number of online licenses a company can hold. This flexibility enables businesses to expand their operations and enter multiple markets without regulatory constraints. Companies can scale their services and reach a broader audience, fostering growth and innovation. The ability to hold multiple licenses simultaneously is a considerable advantage for ambitious enterprises.

Minimal bureaucratic hurdles make the process straightforward and efficient. The simplicity of the regulatory framework reduces administrative burdens and operational costs. Companies can navigate the licensing process with ease, ensuring compliance without unnecessary delays. This efficiency is vital for maintaining a competitive edge in the fast-paced gambling industry.

Tobique Gambling License

Key Criteria for Securing a Tobique Gambling License

Applicants must fulfill several requirements to obtain a Tobique gambling license:

All shareholders and directors must have a clean criminal record.

Proof of residence is required for all shareholders and directors, such as a utility bill.

Bank statements for the last three months are needed to demonstrate adequate financial resources and SOW/SOF.

Documentation of experience and qualifications in the online gambling industry is necessary.

Implementation of responsible gambling policies, including self-exclusion, cooling-off periods, deposit and betting limits, session limits, and links to support organizations, is mandatory.

A compliant website with an active license validator, an “About Us” section, responsible gambling resources, a complaints resolution process, contact information, and essential policies (Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Bonus Policy, AML & KYC Policy) is required.

Comprehensive information about the content, along with copies of agreements and, where applicable, third-party Random Number Generator (RNG) testing certificates and Return to Player (RTP) details are required.

Concrete evidence demonstrating ownership of the domain must be submitted.

It’s important to note that all documents must be in English and should not exceed 90 days from their date of issuance. In cases where documents are not originally in English, certified English translations are obligatory. Adherence to these guidelines is vital to ensure a smooth and compliant process.

Tobique Gaming License and Our Services

Operating in the corporate services arena since 1998, Private Financial Services has evolved to offer specialized legal support for gaming firms over the past decade. Our accomplished portfolio features acquired licenses from key jurisdictions such as Curacao, Anjouan, Malta, Isle of Man, Kahnawake, and Estonia. We’ve also played a pivotal role in shaping local regulations, serving as members of working groups in several European countries. At Private Financial Services, expertise and regulatory engagement converge to empower your gaming ambitions.


We help to get licenses for gambling since 2012


We helped more than 50 companies to get their gaming license


19 days – period on average to register a company and obtain an Tobique gambling license

Private Financial Services: Your Pathway to Tobique Gambling License Success

We will assist you to register a company for Tobique Gaming Company;

We will assist you to get a Gaming License in Tobique;

Providing a legal address and secretary service;

The Tobique license requires the preparation of an AML/CTF program that we will prepare for your project;

We shall help you to connect to the acquiring and open bank accounts;

We will help in the preparation of a business plan;

Tobique license and company are often used in conjunction with a European company, if necessary, we will help to structure the project;

If necessary, we will help in registration of a trademark and intellectual property rights;

Need a gambling platform? We will help you choose the best one;

After the gambling license is obtained, we will be providing comprehensive support further.

Tobique Gambling License

Jurisdictional Restrictions

The Tobique license prohibits operations in specific jurisdictions, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Ontario, and New Brunswick. Additionally, it forbids offering services in countries on the FATF blacklist or under sanctions, such as China, Cuba, North Korea, and Russia. License holders must block registration from these territories.

Tobique Gambling License

Payment Solutions and Corporate Structure

The Tobique gambling license supports payments in most fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Companies do not need to register a local entity. A company in Costa Rica is often recommended due to the lack of local gambling regulations. For effective payment processing, establishing a payment agent company in Cyprus is advisable, offering a tax-efficient structure with favorable corporate income tax rates.

Tobique Gambling License

Taxation Overview

Costa Rica (a company incorporated to receive a license in Tobique) does not subject income from international transactions to Costa Rican income tax. Local business activities are taxed at progressive rates up to 30%. In Cyprus (Payment Agent), the corporate income tax rate is 12.5%. A small percentage of income, such as 5%, can be used for tax optimization, resulting in lower taxable profits.

The application process involves several steps:
1. Register a legal entity for the gambling business, preferably in a jurisdiction like Costa Rica.
2. Gather necessary documents, including the completed application, business plan, corporate documents, list of services and games, personal documents of founders and managers, and technical details of the gambling platform.
3. Submit the documents to the regulator and pay the required application and licensing fees.
4. Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) with a 10% or more shareholding must undergo due diligence, including confirmation of the Source of Wealth (SOW) and Source of Funds (SOF).
5. The regulator reviews the application for compliance with local laws and may request additional documents.
6. Upon approval, the license is issued, allowing the company to commence operations.

Securing a Tobique gambling license in 2024 provides significant advantages for online gambling ventures. The process is straightforward, cost-effective, and allows for a broad operational reach. For more information or assistance with the application process, please contact us.
Ensuring compliance with all requirements and leveraging the tax-efficient corporate structure will allow your online gambling business to thrive under the Tobique gambling license.

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    Tobique Gambling License

    FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions)

    1. What is an Tobique Gambling License?

    Tobique gambling license permits you to conduct all kinds of online gambling, including crypto gambling. You don’t need a special dedicated permit for casinos, poker rooms, or betting.

    2. Can I trust a Tobique Gaming License?

    Tobique gambling licenses started to be issued in 2023, and many well-established casinos successfully use them. Therefore, Tobique can be regarded as a new license.

    3. How do I get a gambling license in Tobique?

    To get a gambling license in Tobique, you must first establish a limited liability company. A business plan, financial projections, internal rules, and procedures are required to apply for the license. 

    4. How long does it take to get a gambling license in Tobique?

    You will need approximately two to four weeks for your application to be processed and approved.

    5. Can I accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method?

    Yes, you can accept most coins and other virtual assets with a Tobique gaming license. 

    6. How can I get more information?

    Private Financial Services provides a full range of corporate services, including company registrations, bank accounts, license assistance, cryptocurrency and fintech projects, the gambling industry, and much more.

    The Private Financial Services team will be happy to discuss matters in more detail.