Curacao Gaming License

Benefits of Curacao Gaming License

Prior to delving into the details provided below, it’s important to acknowledge that as of September 2023, Curacao is in the midst of significant changes in its gambling regulatory framework—the first of such changes since 1994.

Our team of Private Financial Services specialists maintains direct communication with the regulatory body and is fully abreast of all pertinent details concerning these imminent modifications. We’ve meticulously formulated and received approval for comprehensive procedures that pertain to acquiring the novel license category, as well as transitioning for existing companies seeking to modify their license type. For a deeper understanding of these procedures and to gain more intricate insights, we invite you to reach out to our dedicated specialists who can furnish you with the necessary guidance and information.

The company in Curacao and Curacao gaming license will allow:

Provide services of online casinos and bookmakers in those countries where it is not prohibited by law. (On request, our lawyers will provide a list of relevant countries);

Connect payment solutions for accepting deposits and opening current accounts for the company. (As of 2023, these solutions for Curacao casino license work in conjunction with other jurisdictions, please contact our specialists for up-to-date information);

The Curacao gaming license allows you to accept deposits in cryptocurrency; (We will be happy to advise you on how it works and what requirements exist)

To have an opportunity to hold intellectual property rights and to do any business not prohibited by law and regulations;

The Curacao license allows you to provide NFT-related games.

Curacao Gaming License

Documents Required
for Curacao Gaming License

As per the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act, the ultimate beneficiary should submit the following information and documents:

A certified copy of the beneficiary’s and director’s passport;

A reference letter from the beneficiary’s and director’s bank;

A certified copy of the utility bills to confirm the beneficiary’s and director’s place of residence;

Beneficiary’s and director’s CV;

Organization chart of the beneficiary’s companies.

No criminal records for stakeholders.

Source of wealth and source of funds declarations.

Curacao Gaming License and Our Services

Private Financial Services has been in the corporate services market since 1998. Around 10 years ago we started providing comprehensive legal support for gaming companies. Our portfolio includes many obtained licenses in Curacao, Malta, Isle of Man, Kahnawake, and Estonia.
In several European countries, we were a member of working groups for the development of local regulations.


We help to get licenses for gambling since 2012


We helped more than 41 companies to get a Curacao casino license


36 days – period on average to register a company in Curacao and get a Curacao gambling license

Our services include, but not limited to the following:

We will assist you to register Curacao Gaming Company;

We will assist you to get Curacao Gaming License;

We shall provide the managing director, a resident of Curacao;

We will provide you legal address for you company in Curacao;

Providing a legal address and secretary service;

The Curacao license requires the preparation of an AML/CTF program that we will prepare for your project;

We shall help you to connect to the acquiring and open bank accounts;

We will help in the preparation of a business plan;

We shall deliver accounting and auditing services in Curacao (The company is obliged to submit these reports annually);

Curacao license and company are often used in conjunction with a European company, if necessary, we will help to structure the project;

If necessary, we will help in registration of a trademark and intellectual property rights;

Need a gambling platform? We will help you choose the best one;

After the gambling license is obtained, we will be providing comprehensive support further.

Curacao Gaming License

Curacao Gambling License
Important Information

A gambling license in Curacao does not imply a division into types of activities. The casino license and the bookmaker license are combined into one and allow you to provide all possible types of gambling, including sports betting and other events, poker, lotteries, bingo, and other games.
A company in Curacao is also attractive from a tax perspective, as there is no VAT and the income tax rate is only 2%.

Curacao Gaming License

Curacao Gambling License

Unfortunately, in the field of gambling, there are practically no ideal solutions and the company in Curacao also has disadvantages. The Curacao license does not imply the ability to serve the markets of the Netherlands, the USA, France, and some other jurisdictions.
Also, a casino license in Curacao has less authority than a license in Malta or the Isle of Man, however, a gambling company in Curacao will cost you many times less, not only during registration and obtaining a license but also during further maintenance, which more than compensates for the shortcomings.

Curacao Gaming License

Curacao vs Malta
vs Isle of Man

One of the most frequently asked questions among beginners is where it is better to license a project, in Curacao, the Isle of Man, or Malta?

If you are just starting out, and this is your first experience of conducting a licensed activity, then we definitely recommend starting from Curacao. Main reasons:

— The average time for creating a structure, preparing for licensing, and reviewing of application by the regulator takes on average 14-18 months in Malta and 6-9 months in the Isle of Man.

— In order to obtain a gambling license in the Isle of Man or one of the gaming licenses in Malta, you must meet a number of requirements for “substance”, local employees, meet a number of strict requirements for infrastructure, and share capital.

– The cost of building a full-fledged structure and obtaining a casino license in Malta starts on average from 80,000 Euros with a minimum monthly cost of 7,000 Euros.

— In Malta and the Isle of Man compliance requirements are more strict. You will have to go through an in-depth due diligence process and provide a lot more documents.

— A casino license in Malta and the Isle of Man will not allow you to quickly launch new games and products. Each new game and product requires a preliminary review by the supervisory authority and only after review and approval, you can release it live.

— In Malta and the Isle of Man you will also have to moderate your risk appetite and in terms of onboarding players, European and British AML/CFT are much stricter than in Curacao.

— Curacao is a priority for those projects that are related to cryptocurrency, tokens, NFTs, and other virtual assets, while in Malta you will have to obtain an additional expensive license and in the Isle of Man, you will have restrictions on currencies and its movement.

Having your business model tested in Curacao, you can safely proceed to consider other jurisdictions for your gaming project licensing.

Why is it worth contacting us? We know the gambling industry from the inside. Our team has lawyers with experience in gambling companies around the world who understand the needs of clients. We interact with regulators and supervisors on a daily basis, which allows us to stay up-to-date with all changes.

Private Financial Services also has a wide network of partners – by contacting us, you will receive all services in one place, from legal structuring, licensing, and financial planning to the software, accounts, processing, and all other related services.
During our existence, we have helped many online casinos and bookmakers to reach the international level within the legal framework.
To receive a commercial offer and prices, please contact our specialists. Curacao license is your lucky ticket to the world of gambling.

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    Curacao Gaming License

    FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions)

    1. What is a Curacao Gambling License?

    Curacao gambling license permits you to conduct all kinds of online gambling. You don’t need a special permit for casinos, poker rooms, or betting.

    2. Can I trust a Curacao Gaming License?

    Curacao gambling licenses have been issued since 2002, and many companies successfully use them. Therefore, Curacao can be regarded as a top licensor.

    3. How do I get a gambling license in Curacao?

    To get a gambling license in Curacao, you must first establish a local limited liability company. A business plan, financial projections, internal rules, and procedures are required to apply for the license. 

    4. How much does it cost to get a gambling license in Curacao?

    Gambling license from Curacao is also notable for its affordability: the annual cost of a license for all types of gambling in Curacao can vary from 4,500 EUR to 12,500 EUR. But, of course, the price depends on the functionality of the license. 

    5. How long does it take to get a gambling license in Curacao?

    You will need approximately two to eight weeks for your application to be processed and approved.

    6. Who regulates Curaçao gaming companies?

    The Curaçao Gaming Control Board regulates gambling companies, ensuring the legality and stability of the Curaçao gambling industry.

    7. Can I accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method?

    Yes, you can accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies with a Curacao license. 

    8. How can I get more information?

    Private Financial Services provides a full range of corporate services, including company registrations, bank accounts, license assistance, cryptocurrency and fintech projects, the gambling industry, and much more.

    The Private Financial Services team will be happy to discuss matters in more detail.