The number of foreign investors showing interest in Poland’s licensed activities is continually increasing. This has made us step up and provide the necessary support and assistance when it comes to obtaining a license or permit for company in Poland. We provide our clients already licensed companies to carry out their operations within the licensed industry in Poland. Licensed companies, especially those dealing with natural gas and energy trading in Poland, are a valuable asset to foreign investors. Thus, the most important thing is to find the right supplier with a high level of professionalism.

What types of licensed companies exist in Poland

  • Licensed liquid, fuel trading companies;
  • Licensed natural gas trading companies;
  • Licensed energy trading companies;
  • Licensed international companies for carriage of passengers;
  • Licensed international road transport companies;
  • Shipping licensed companies;
  • National road transport companies;
  • Any company permitted to trade currency in Poland;
  • Companies running Casinos in Poland

Licensed commercial activities in Poland

In Poland, it’s a mandatory to obtain a permit if you are to carry out any commercial activity in the following respective fields, as stated in the Polish Act on Freedom of Economic Activity.

Licensing is a requirement if you are to carry out any of the following activities: Surveying and extraction of minerals from deposits, the search of hydrocarbon, storage of substances in underground tanks, disposal of waste in an underground environment among others.

Any activity involving manufacturing and trading of firearms, anything explosive or ammunition, should only be carried out by a company licensed under Poland laws. Also, bodies entrusted with military technology have to be licensed.

According to the Poland regulations, deals involving fuel and energy are only to be carried out by licensed companies. Some of these deals include trade, manufacturing, distribution, etc.

Any activity carried out to protect people and their property. Only licensed companies are entrusted with the distribution of programs involving radio and television in Poland. To carry out any activity involving air transport. To run any form of casino or gambling. A foreign investor can only carry out any of the discussed above activities by obtaining a license to do so.

Company in Poland – License

If you are in search of licensed Polish companies, you should not hesitate to reach out to us. We have assisted several foreign investors in obtaining concessions to run their businesses in Poland. We are eager to plan on your behalf the entire process of getting a license or work permit for your company in Poland.

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