If the company provides financial services as one of its activities, it will benefit from a specialized license, which persuades prospective partners and clients on the stability and reliability of the company. PFSER deals with procedures required for acquiring financial licensees in numerous countries. Every state has its local laws when it comes to licensing procedures. There are many specific differences to consider when selecting a particular country. To sort out any concerns with all the processing details, you contact us.

Major Types of Financial Licenses

• Brokerage license. It is a license for brokerage activities which allows the company to bring in stock market clients from various countries for business transactions.

• Forex license. The Forex license improves the loyalty and confidence level of clients, allows to participate customers in exchange transactions.

• Electronic Money License. Allows to provide services that cater for the day to day transactions of the client. With such a license, clients are convinced that your resource and management are reliable and therefore, worth trusting.

• Investment license. It offers you the right to work with private and public funds as well as with many types and categories of exchanges and organizations.

• Banking license. Every large financial institution or credit institution normally has this license. Allows to store customers’ funds, issue loans, credits, and many other.

Please note, that there exist many more licenses and if you did not find one on the list, please contact us, to get additional information.

Terms and Conditions – Financial Licenses

The conditions are based on the category of the client, the selected country and the financial license type. Terms and requirements can be handled during personal consultation with our specialists.

To save time, you can send us an email with details, to obtain the required information. We offer free consultation.

Financial Licenses – Procedure

It is not necessary to travel to other countries to do paperwork, to register a new company, collect documents, make certified translations and other time consuming tasks. Our professional lawyers will take care of every detail of all these forgone tasks.

Clarification on the cost of obtaining financial licenses is available by contacting our specialists.