In 2016, the great event happened: millions of proprietary documents owned by the Panamanian company Mossack Fonseca were disclosed on the Internet to say that the company helped residents of various countries to withdraw funds to offshore. The company customers were ordinary taxpayers, popular businessmen, politicians, including presidents, other top ranked officials from a variety of countries, as well as globally known sportsmen. This resulted in conflicts in many countries and lots of criminal cases were filed.

Hollywood could not stay unconcerned.

So, in 2017 two fils were shot dedicated to cases of the “Panamanian documents”. It is interesting that the top ranked “Dream Factory” players were encouraged to make a movie.

They include Steven Soderbergh known for the “Ocean’s Eleven”, as well as a number of other masterpieces, including “Erin Brockovich”, “The Jacket”. The performance by Soderbergh is highly appreciated; so, he collected the Palme d’Or of the Cannes Film Festival, several “Emmy” awards and even “Oscar”, and this is for the best Director’s work of the year. All these awards show that Soderbergh is really elite.

It’s interesting to know that Soderbergh is used to start filmmaking about known cases of publicly disclosed documents. So, just a few years ago, Stephen finished shooting the Citizenfour. Truth of Snowden favourably welcomed by the audience and experts.

John Wells initiated the work on the second movie as the famous Hollywood producer and owner of the film company John Wells Productions. Such famous series as “ER,” “Shameless” and others are in his portfolio. The well-known company Netflix supported the initiative of the filmmaking industry veteran acting as the co-author.

Movie lovers may not worry that stories will be similar since it is already known that both movies were based on different books. So, Soderbergh makes a movie based on the work of Jack Bernstein. By the way, this reporter is the Pulitzer Prize Winner.

Material for the script

Wells uses a script written based on the book by the well-known reporters, the Obermayer brothers. The whole point is that a John Doe called them proposing a great volume of documents with the relevant confidential information on offshore accounts.

All the information above proves that we can hope that movies will be of the proper quality.