Though the Curacao license used to be one of the most popular licenses for startups, the recent changes in regulations in Curacao are not in favor of the license any more. Due to its unsure future, high cost, and new rules, many startups have now turned to other options. Here comes the gaming license of Anjouan which has been accepting so much appreciation from the new and growing companies.

This article is for companies that would wish to engage in gambling business across the world and are in search of an international license for this business. Here we will given the advantages of having the Anjouan gambling license and also help you to know how to obtain this license along with necessary templates.

Gaining the Edge: Why Choose the Anjouan Gaming License?

Comprehensive Coverage
An Anjouan gaming license covers all gaming verticals, including online casinos, sports betting, lotto games, and popular table games like poker, blackjack, and baccarat. This flexibility allows you to manage multiple types of gambling activities under a single license.

B2C and B2B Flexibility
The license supports both B2C and B2B operations. Whether you run an online casino for bettors or provide a platform as a turnkey or whitelabel solution, a single Anjouan license suffices. This minimizes initial investment and simplifies annual maintenance.

Quick Application Process
If you need to launch quickly, the Anjouan license is ideal. While obtaining a Maltese MGA license can take up to twelve months, the Anjouan license process can be completed in just six to eight weeks, enabling faster market entry.

Game and Payment Options
The Anjouan license is recognized by many software providers, payment system providers, and banks. This is due to its growing popularity amid Curacao’s regulatory uncertainty, making it easier to integrate diverse games and payment methods.

No Corporate Income Tax
Optimize your tax strategy with the Anjouan license, which does not impose a gambling tax. The only fee required is the annual renewal fee, allowing you to reinvest more into your business and improve profitability

International Reach
The Anjouan license allows international operations in 186 countries, excluding a few restricted ones. This vast coverage provides significant market potential and growth opportunities.

Setting Sail with Anjouan: Offshore Gambling Ventures

Operating offshore with an Anjouan gambling license offers flexibility and cost savings. Unlike on-shore gambling in the U.S., which requires multiple state licenses and strict compliance with federal and local regulations, an offshore license from Anjouan provides operational and tax advantages without excessive costs.

Earning Respect: Recognition of the Anjouan Gaming License

Numerous online casinos and betting websites have already obtained the Anjouan license, gaining recognition from international banks, payment providers, and software developers. The Anjouan Offshore Financial Authority (OFA) and Anjouan Betting and Gaming Board (ABGB) ensure regulatory oversight and compliance, enhancing trust and credibility.

Your Roadmap to Licensing: The Anjouan Process and Requirements

Thorough Preliminary Assessment
Before starting the application, we conduct a thorough preliminary review to understand your regulatory readiness. This ensures a high success rate for obtaining your license.

Documentary Perfection
We assist in compiling a comprehensive document package that meets stringent regulatory requirements, avoiding delays and ensuring a smooth application process.

Seamless Incorporation
We handle the entire incorporation process, from legal formalities to paperwork, ensuring a smooth setup that maximizes revenue and minimizes costs. This step is crucial for obtaining the gambling license and facilitating connections with payment systems and banks.

Efficient Filing
We expedite the licensing process by working closely with regulators, aiming to get you licensed within three to four weeks. Our expert assistance ensures your licensing is efficient and successful.

Required Documentation
To obtain the Anjouan gaming license, the following documents are needed for each key individual (officers, shareholders, directors, etc.):

  • Certified copy of a valid passport
  • Recently issued utility bill (proof of residence)
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Comprehensive CV/Resume
  • Original banker’s reference (minimum two-year relationship)
  • Professional letter of reference from an accountant or lawyer (minimum two-year relationship)
  • Details of agreements and/or RNG and RTP documentation (if applicable)
  • Domain ownership copies
  • Copies of terms and conditions (including policies on underage gaming, responsible gaming, and KYC guidelines)

Investing in Your Business: Costs and Corporate Structure

The cost of an Anjouan gambling license varies based on specific needs, typically ranging between 24,000 and 45,000 EUR. A well-structured license and business setup minimize operational risks and ensure efficient connections to payment systems and bank accounts.

Optimizing Your Tax Strategy

By optimizing your tax strategy, we minimize your tax burden so you can keep more of your hard-earned profits. Lower taxes mean you can offer more competitive prices and better value to your customers, helping you capture a larger market share and build your brand’s reputation.


The Anjouan gambling license is a compelling choice for entrepreneurs entering the online casino industry. While Curacao’s future is uncertain, Anjouan offers numerous advantages:

  • Cost-effective: Affordable alternative to expensive licenses like Maltese MGA and Isle of Man.
  • Versatile coverage: Single license covers various gambling areas, simplifying maintenance.
  • Fast approval: License can be granted in six to eight weeks, ideal for quick market entry.
  • Diverse options: Supported by a growing number of software and payment providers.
  • No corporate tax: Optimized tax strategy lowers costs, enhancing competitiveness.
  • Offshore flexibility: Operational and tax benefits without the need for on-shore business setup.
  • Recognized authority: Backed by the government and recognized by international entities.
  • Efficient application: Proven approach ensures quick and successful licensing.
  • Customized structure: Tailored business structure reduces risk and optimizes tax strategy.
  • Competitive advantage: Lower taxes and efficient operations improve market position.

To explore more about obtaining an Anjouan gaming license for your online gambling venture in 2024, contact us.