ICO is the unique and new method to attract investments in any promising project. It is good to note that this method has been found popular relatively recently. This was noticed after the successful launch of the first startup in 2014. Since then, this method changed a lot. In particular, its arrangement and legal mechanisms get more advanced year by year, and the number of those who prefer ICO is growing all the time.

Given a great many competitors, the strategy of market entry should be developed long before starting investment attraction. This circumstance is also related to that greater countries introduce new regulatory standards to issue tokens, as well as operate with cryptocurrency.

Why to register an ICO

1. To increase the confidence by potential investors. The point is that investors are much eager to invest in the business located in the fairly prestigious jurisdiction. Absence of any problems with paperwork still matters since such issues are included in the most fraudsters.

2. Registration is also required to convert all asets raised during the ICO campaign on the free and legal basis. It is important to be able to encash all assets raised and to reduce all risks to zero.

3. On the top of it, the registration is also required to ensure that you will have no problems with financial authorities and exchange houses in future since they act strictly in terms of legality and require that all documents are in good order.

What to know to register

Registration is rather important; it affects the success of the business. Therefore, prior to this procedure, you need to take your time and choose the best appropriate jurisdiction and plan taxes. Otherwise, a variety of problems may occur.

Then a businessman is offered to collect all the documentation required to submit to the authorized national body to process them for registration. Authorities differ from country to country to deal with that.

The next stage is the account opened with a banking facility. Another factor may serve as the serious obstacle for a variety of companies. The fact is that many countries require to submit a real legal address. This means that the office needs to be rented and the rent to be paid on a monthly basis.

The last stage is the tax ID and the company registration at the exchange house to make transactions with the cryptocurrency.

Where to register a company for ICO

Currently the company registration for ICO is the common procedure available almost in any country. Despite this fact, ICO is still beyond the law or local authorities are not familiar with this procedure in most countries. This applies to developing countries of Asia (China, Vietnam, Arabian countries, Central Asian countries). In most developed countries, the legislation considers yet concepts like ICO and cryptocurrency.

That is why it is too important to focus on adequate introduction of the company in the legal field in the most suitable country.

This is one of the reasons why the absolute of startups today arise in countries such as Great Britain, Estonia, Australia, Singapore and Switzerland.

Singapore should be paid special attention. In this country, projects are easy to legitimize related somehow to ICOand cryptocurrency. However, an office in Australia is most convenient since the business environment in there pays special attention to companies involved in the  cryptocurrency business. They are entitled to tax benefits. Moreover, the first several years these companies can do their business with no license.

It is important to note that each of countries above have their own advantages, though a jurisdiction is chosen based on how simple it is to do business there. You might not be familiar with the exotic Asian culture and the peculiar way of life, and thus, a company registration somewhere in Singapore will turn to be a lot of problems for you. Just remember that you are recommended to be advised by experts from the Private Financial Services prior to startup and you will have answers to all your questions.