The contact person and the legal address are binding for all companies in Estonia where the director is not a resident of Estonia. On 15.01.2018, amendments to the Commercial Code were put into force and as per them, a contact person is required for companies with directors to be citizens of other EU countries. Previously, the contact person was not required for companies whose board members were EU citizens.

The most important function of the contact person is timely communication of messages and letters to the Board of the company. If state authorities fail to contact the director of the enterprise or the procedural documentation/communication has been delivered to the contact person, it also means the delivery of the message/documentation to the director of the enterprise.

Based on the Article 8 of the Commercial Code, the Anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing legislation, the following companies may act as the contact person:  Notary and Law Offices, sworn auditors or audit organizations, legal entities offering services of trust funds and commercial partnerships.

The Private Financial Services is the licensed registrar delivering legal services. The Department of Police and Border of Estonia issued a license to our company (number: FIU000179) to deliver services to trust funds and commercial partnerships.

The service of the contact person is 200 Euro/year

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