There are many ways you can use to find employees for your Estonian company. The job market is full of qualified job seekers that can greatly benefit you.

Two main avenues you can use to recruit an employee

Government run methods: You can find employees via the government by checking for unemployed people registered under the Unemployment Insurance Fund. This process is free.

Employment service providers: These methods do not involve government unemployment systems. They include the use of internet portals and employment agencies. You might have to pay a fee to access these services.

Using the Unemployment Insurance Fund for Estonian company

This is a government-funded scheme that provides benefits for unemployed people and for Estonian company budget. The government allows you to send the qualifications you need in an employee to the Unemployment Insurance Fund. The Unemployment Insurance fund then notifies potential candidates about the job vacancies in your place of business. Moreover, if Estonian company hires an employee from Unemployment Insurance fund, some tax benefits might be applied for the company.

Employment portals

These are web pages dedicated to connecting job seekers with potential employers. Job-seekers usually post their ads and apply on their own. You can explore various employment portals to see whether available employees match your expectations. One of the most popular ones is CV portal.

These portals also allow employers to post job opportunities. Once you’ve posted, potential candidates can apply and you can pick then from the ones that apply.

Personnel search

This involves the use of HR firms to find employees for you. All you have to do is to describe the situation and vacant position and they will find for you, making a short-list. Some firms even offer to perform interviews for potential employees.

Temporary Employment Agencies

Temporary employment agencies come into play when you need extra labor for a short period of time. When such a situation arises, it is unwise and costly to hire employees via an employment contract.

Temporary employment agencies offer you the opportunity to hire temporary labor. The employees that you hire are actually employees that you can “lease” for a specified period of time.

Employment of disabled persons

The government encourages employers to employ disabled persons by paying 70% of the money to be used to adapt the workplace to suit the employee with a disability. The Unemployment Insurance Fund also covers any expenses incurred if the disabled person needs a person to support them as they work.

In addition, people can qualify for part payment of their social taxes by the government. The duty is on the employee to apply for this service for qualifying employees with the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

Wage benefits

The government rewards employers for employing unemployed people listed under the Unemployment Insurance Fund. The government will refund the employer half of the employee’s salary if the employee’s period of unemployment is six months or more. The wage benefits that the employer receives will only last for a period of 6 months. An employer qualifies for wage benefits regardless of the terms of the employment contract. The employer receives wage benefits on a monthly basis after the employee has been paid. This rewards system is designed to encourage employers to employ young people listed under the Unemployment Insurance Fund.


You can also take advantage of the state’s internship system. All you have to do is to find an unemployed intern listed under the Unemployment Insurance Fund. The employment is usually set to last for a period of 4 months. During this time the intern’s wages will be paid in part by the Unemployment Insurance Fund and in part by your company.

The amount of wage paid by the Unemployment Insurance Fund will be based on the minimum wage rate set by law.


As you can see, there are many ways you can use to find an employee. You just have to find the most profitable one for you.

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