In order to register a branch office in Estonia in the Commercial Register, the company is required to make a written proposal and make necessary appointments such as a director or a group of directors. Generally, our legal team carries out the drafting of this proposal in Estonian language, once the company has notified who will sign the proposal. Here are some important details on how to register a branch office in Estonia in the commercial register.
Following documents are required to register a branch office in the Estonian Commercial Register

  • An attested application from notary public by the branch director;
  • A documentary proof from the commercial register regarding the previous registration of the company;
  • An official letter regarding the appointment of the branch director;
  • A documentary evidence of the articles of association or partnership agreement of the company attested in accordance with the laws of the home country if this is also a requirement in the home country of the company;

Important details regarding the principal activity of the branch

  • Contact details, including phone number and email addresses;
  • The documents should be in the required format, certified by notary public and translated into the Estonian language, usually with apostille.

What is the Time Schedule to Register a Branch office in Estonia?

The time duration for the whole process depends upon the time needed for the preparation, translation and certification of documents. The branch will be enrolled in the Commercial Register within 5 working days after the submission of the application.

Accounting and Auditing of the branch office in Estonia:
The director of the branch should handle the branch’s accounting matters, in accordance with the provisions of the Accounting Act. Here is a list of documents that needs to be submitted in this regard:

  • Official enrolment in the Fund for Health Insurance if the concerned branch has workers for which the company pays social tax;
  • Annual report submitted to the National Tax and Customs Board;
  • Annual report submitted to the Commercial Register (exemption is granted to the companies of EEC states, especially if the Acts of their home countries does not allow the disclosure of the annual reports);
  • A detailed tax report filed mentioning necessary details regarding total taxes paid by the branch;

Guide on annual report submission you can read here. 

If you are unsure about any other details, you are welcomed to visit our office to know more about our services. Our legal team would be more than happy to assist you in all matters with regard to the registration of your branch office in Estonia!