Starting a business in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM in Abu Dhabi Free Zone) has never been more enticing. With its expanding free zone, it’s like a vast ocean teeming with opportunities. But what makes it so special? Let’s dive in!

An Introduction to Abu Dhabi Global Market

The ADGM is like the blooming desert after a rare rain, providing fertile ground for businesses to thrive. Established in 2013, it’s a financial free zone located in Al Maryah Island, offering a unique business-friendly environment. Think of it as a haven for businesses, a place where fiscal burdens are lifted off their shoulders

Abu Dhabi Free Zone Advantages

In the bustling marketplace that is the global economy, the ADGM is like a refreshing oasis. The Free Zone comes with a plethora of benefits:

  • 100% Foreign Ownership: Like owning your dream car outright, no local sponsors needed.
  • Zero Tax for 50 Years: Imagine the savings! It’s like having a half-century-long holiday from taxes.
  • Freedom to Repatriate Profits and Capital: You have the freedom to move your money just like birds migrating across continents.
  • World-class Infrastructure: Picture a state-of-the-art facility, ready for you to drive your business forward.

The ADGM Expansion: Bigger and Better

The ADGM is not resting on its laurels. It’s expanding, like a city skyline reaching for the stars. This expansion is a magnet for both local and international businesses.

Why the Expansion?
Just like a tree growing stronger with each new ring, the ADGM is expanding to bolster its economic contributions.
Its objective is to draw in a greater number of businesses, stimulate economic growth, and cultivate innovation.

What Does the Expansion Entail?
Think of it as getting an upgrade to first-class. The expansion includes:

  • More Business Sectors: From tech to trade, new sectors are welcomed.
  • Improved Facilities: Picture more office spaces, commercial centres, and retail outlets.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Think better transportation links, connecting businesses to the world.

Making the Move – Registering in ADGM

Want to join the ADGM family? It’s as easy as pie. The process is straightforward and can be done remotely. It’s like ordering your favourite takeaway – simple, convenient, and satisfying!

The Impact of the ADGM Expansion

The expansion of ADGM is set to make waves across the business world. Similar to a pebble tossed into a lake, the impact will resonate widely.

  • Boosting Abu Dhabi’s Economy: Like a robust engine driving a car, the expansion will power economic growth.
  • Attracting Foreign Investment: Think of it as a beacon, drawing international businesses to its shores.
  • Creating Job Opportunities: As the ADGM grows, so does its demand for talent. It’s like a flourishing garden, nurturing new life.

Conclusion – The ADGM Expansion: Your Gateway to Success

The ADGM expansion is more than just growth; it’s a revolution in the business landscape. It’s like a surging wave, carrying businesses to new heights. So why wait? Ride the wave of opportunity that the ADGM expansion brings!


Is 100% foreign ownership allowed in ADGM?
Yes, foreign investors can own 100% of their business in the ADGM, just like owning your dream car outright!

What are the tax benefits in the ADGM?
ADGM offers zero tax for 50 years on personal and corporate income, making it like a half-century-long holiday from taxes!

What kind of businesses can register in the ADGM?
The ADGM welcomes a wide range of business sectors, from tech to trade, like a flourishing garden nurturing diverse flora.

Can I register my business in ADGM remotely?
Yes, the process of registering your business in the ADGM can be done remotely, making it as easy and convenient as ordering your favourite takeaway!

How will the ADGM expansion impact the economy of Abu Dhabi?
The ADGM expansion will bolster Abu Dhabi’s economy, attracting foreign investment, boosting economic growth, and creating job opportunities. It’s like a robust engine driving the city towards a prosperous future. Start your business in Abu Dhabi Free Zone right now!