Key Advantages of Establishing in Meydan Free Zone

Opting for Meydan Free Zone as your business base presents a host of advantages, including:

Thriving Community & 100% Foreign Ownership: Join an innovative community with full control over your venture.
Flexible Visa Options & Capital Mobility: Choose from varied visa packages and enjoy unrestricted capital and profit repatriation.
Ease of Setup & Tax Benefits: Form your company without being physically present in the UAE and relish zero personal or corporate income tax.
Secure Business Environment & Global Operations: Operate securely within the zone and run your business globally.
Unrestricted Trade & No Minimum Capital: Benefit from zero import/re-export taxes and no minimum capital requirement.
Diverse Business Activities & 24/7 Office Access: Choose from 1500+ activities and access your office anytime.
Effortless Banking & Exclusive Discounts: Opening a bank account is easy and you can enjoy discounts on upscale accommodations and F&B services.
Quick Document Release & Strategic Location: Company documents are issued within a day and the zone is just 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport.

These benefits make Meydan FZ a compelling choice for entrepreneurs seeking to venture into the UAE and expand globally.

Key Documentation for Company Formation

Setting up a company in the Meydan Free Zone requires understanding the essential documentation:

For Corporate Shareholders
If shareholders are corporations, the required documents include the Memorandum of Association, a Certificate of Incorporation, and a Certificate of Incumbency or equivalent.

For Individual Shareholders
Individual shareholders must provide copies of their Emirates ID, passport, residence visa (if applicable), and a digital passport-sized photo.

Post Submission Documents
After successful submission and verification, you’ll receive a Memorandum of Association, Business License, Share Register, Certificate of Formation, and a Lease Agreement.

Submission Terms and Conditions
Take note, that a recent Certificate of Incumbency (issued within the past three months) is required. All submitted documents must be notarized, with original versions being delivered within a span of sixty days after the license has been granted. All documents need to be notarized, and the original copies should be provided within two months following the license’s issue date.

Procedure for Meydan Free Zone Company Setup

Establishing a company in Meydan Free Zone can be broken down into simple steps:

  • Business Activity. Choose the type of business activity you’ll undertake, shaping your company setup procedure.
  • Application. Complete the application forms, and submit them with the required documents to the authorities.
  • Trade Name. Register your company’s trade name with the Meydan FZ authority.
  • Licensing and Registration. Ensure all licensing and registration requirements for your business activity are met.
  • Shareholder Signatures. Get all shareholders to sign the company formation paperwork in the presence of Meydan Free Zone Authority representatives.

Meydan Free Zone License Types

The Meydan Free Zone provides diverse license types suitable for varied businesses:

Media License
This license caters to businesses in communication, advertising, and media services.

Consulting License
Ideal for professionals offering services like human resources, business management, and other consulting activities.

Commercial License
Designed for businesses trading, importing, exporting, and distributing various items. Note, Meydan FZ doesn’t currently offer warehouse space.

These licenses support specific business functions, helping entrepreneurs establish successful ventures in the Meydan Free Zone.

Guide to Obtaining a UAE Residence Visa

Step 1. After the establishment card is received, you will receive an electronic visa.

Step 2. After receiving the e-visa, you will have 60 days to visit Dubai for 1 workweek to undergo a medical check and submit biometric data.

Step 3. With the e-visa, visit the UAE for an Emirates ID application and a medical exam.

Documents for the Emirates ID and Medical Test

You’ll need your original passport for the Emirates ID and medical test.

Remember, these steps may vary based on individual circumstances and UAE regulations.


To sum up, Meydan Free Zone is an attractive destination for business due to its ideal location, streamlined company setup, versatile licenses, and many benefits. For startups or established firms, the ease of formation and 100% foreign ownership make Meydan FZ appealing. So, consider Meydan when planning a Dubai business. Here’s to your success in Dubai’s heart!
Would you like to proceed with Meydan Free Zone company setup or would like to consider any other option to form a company in UAE, please contact our specialist!