Working with our clients, we set the main goal to create comfortable conditions for them to do business and successful development. When delivering services, we allow highest confidentiality and security, using all available tools of business arrangement.

One of the most significant components of successful business is the functional bank account. The company is involved in daily transactions that are quite transparent; all information on amounts and user data are assessable to both employees of the bank and various regulatory authorities. Under certain circumstances, our clients require the complete anonymity, and here we are to help them.

The Private Financial Services presents the anonymous bank account to your disposal. This account is not easy to open; however, it is worth it.

Anonymous bank account (ABA) – allows the chance to make secrete information on transactions and personal data of the account holder. The information will not be available to bank employees and supervising bodies, for example, to tax services.

Application of Anonymous Bank Account

The main purpose of opening this type of account is not to make operations, as one might suppose; it is opened to accumulate and store large amounts. ABAs are often used to solve “private” issues: preservation of inheritance from unscrupulous heirs or its partial distribution, protection of funds during divorce process against applicants, storage of funds derived from real estate transactions. Anonymous account can be used for business tasks: transfer of profits from the offshore company, payment of dividends and royalties.

If the account holder needs to make a greater number of settlement transactions, it is possible to open an account with an offshore company. The accounts will use the name of the offshore company allowing easy ways to conduct trouble-free SWIFT transactions with the receiving party.

Who will see the account holder data?

We may spoil your expectations, but to register an anonymous account, the potential client shall need to provide the bank with a package of documents. All client data will be kept with the bank; they will be assessable to certain employees of the bank among key personnel. In connection with the global policy on the control and maintenance of bank accounts, the bank should have full information on its client activity. At the request of International Law Enforcement Agencies (Interpol) or based on the bank’s decision, the bank shall be obliged to provide information about the ABA owner.

In normal transactions, full confidentiality will be retained when doing payments. Only the account number will be shown in transactions without any client data.

Where to open the ABA?

Switzerland remains the most stable country in terms of delivering banking services on the highest level of confidentiality. Accordingly, if you strive for the best service and warranty of anonymity, be ready to provide all the required information and documents. The bank will allow the account opening only when it introduces itself to the dealer, i.e., the beneficiary’s identity should be established. The minimum amount to open the anonymous account is 100 000 EUR. The account may be opened both on the natural person and the legal entity. The potential ABA owner shall need to arrive to the bank for personal meeting.

There are more loyal banks located in Andorra, Luxembourg, Malta, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Liechtenstein. The requirements are not so high in these jurisdictions.

How to open an anonymous account

The Private Financial Services offers services of the trustee company.

There are often cases of fraud by trustees who provide their services to open anonymous accounts.  By using our services, you ensure your privacy and security. By acting through the trustee company, you avoid contacting the bank that may result in refusal of cooperation.

Our company undertakes for the entire process of the account opening, at the end of which the client receives a ready account and all the passwords of managing an anonymous bank account.