Bank Accounts in the UAE

Bank Accounts in the UAE

The banking system in the United Arab Emirates one of the most advanced and reliable in the world. Due to the support policy of the Federal government, credit and finance facilities are included in the list of the strongest and most stable banks in the world.
The favorable investment climate  created in the country attracted a huge number of major international banks opened representations office in the UAE.

The loyal customer-oriented concern is created and maintained in financial structures regardless of the legal resident status. The system of stable interest rates and favorable banking fees is in place. Credit and finance institutions deliver a wide range of services.

Bank Accounts in the UAE - Procedure

During personal visits to the Bank of the United Arab Emirates, the EU-based individuals are often required to submit documents on the source of their income or evidence the legality of funds. To prove the due diligence, a reference letter may be prepared from customers who deal with contractors and have a good credit history, who are not in black lists of financial institutions.
The mechanism to open the corporate account is simplified. At the initial stage, a full package of documents should be collected and legalized.

Most non-residents open savings accounts with monthly allowance and options to capitalize the profits. The main difference between the banking product and the current account is the lack of eligibility to borrow funds and get cheque books.
A savings account is used for convenient storage and accrual of personal funds. Nonresidents have the choice of account currency – foreign or national. Certified specialists of the Private Financial Services ensure to allow the quality legal and financial advice; they highlight all pros and cons of depositing in various currency; will be held liable to prepare and submit the documentation; will help in search of appropriate facility.

The company guarantees full transaction support for all customers.

The personnel help to save time, minimize risks, they take care of all arrangement issues from the application period to the delivery of supporting documents.
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