Virtual Office Abroad

If you intend to acquire a company and operate it beyond the boundaries of this country, you will definitely enjoy our services to support virtual offices.

Anyone may require a real secretary who is able to receive correspondence and transfer it to the destination as requested, answer the important phone call or redirect it to the one who concerns, to hold telephone conversations and much more.

A specialist with authenticated qualification will deliver services as required and will  support in addressing the certain issue that a start-up businessman often faces, especially in terms of business registration abroad or opening new branches outside the country.

Among other things, this will give you the opportunity to avoid the increased attention of banks when opening accounts and holding transactions.

Taking the advantage of our offer, you may be able to manage your offshore business without any complications but at the high level of efficiency.

A virtual office abroad allows competent communication with partners from abroad and banking facilities.

Make sure that they will be responded in full compliance with the current legal standards and instructions, while the entire correspondence will be delivered on time and without delay.

Among our services, the following should be emphasized, either:

  • Correspondence maintenance – you will have a personal postal address subject to jurisdiction of the country where your company or its branch is registered. We will ensure reception, re-direction and forwarding of the incoming mail to the assigned mail address;
  • Telephone is one of the main and undeniable advantages of online office. We will provide the quality communication channel with the customer service at the highest level. You will be assigned a personal phone number and you may forward any calls you need to any phone numbers as you requires, including a foreign operator;
  • Specialist maintenance – you may be also assigned with a real secretary. Highly qualified specialist will hold all the required procedures to receive mail and calls, process them, negotiate them, send and receive faxes, parcels and other.
  • All other services associated with the virtual office maintenance.
  • We offer virtual office services in more than 50 countries.

For the price list for the maintenance of the virtual office abroad, please contact our experts.




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