Trading and Logistics Consulting

Trading and logistics consulting is in the great demand among our partners and customers.

Any and all entities intent to develop their business:

  • To discover new market niches, both spacial and commodity.
  • To discover new customers and suppliers.
  • To increase the business efficiency and turnover of the existing format.

This is why we recommend that our clients use the multi-functional service “Business¬†Development” that includes:

“Trading agent” services

  • Selection and search of new suppliers and products for customers from a range of regions where they have the extensive practical experience and proven links:
  • Southeast Asia, Europe, America, China, Middle East.
  • Marketing researches in these markets.
  • Conclusion of new profitable agreements by the customer with further control of their compliance, including control of delivery, product quality and payments.
  • We will recommend sales agents in jurisdictions or regions where the customer runs the business.
  • Facilitation and information component of visiting popular international exhibitions.
  • Facilitation of a variety of shopping tours or business trips, meetings with potential partners or suppliers, with the practicable possibility opportunity to sign beneficial agreement in future.
  • Data on the possibility to purchase the necessary products within the territory of the Russian Federation, without the need to be the member of the foreign trade activities (importer).
  • Consultations in the field of logistics and related services:
  • the most convenient for the customer service of delivery and customs clearance of imported goods, for example, the choice of new, properly customized logistics routes for cargo transportation both from places known to the customer and from absolutely new and unexplored sites.
  • Business consulting regarding the strategy of the customer’s business in terms of areas and issues, for example, regarding legal, logistic, organizational, commodity, foreign economic activity and financial issues that will be helpful to reinforce competitive advantages in the domestic market. In other words, we used to deliver similar services to our prominent customers in different volumes depending on their needs; currently, we are willing to help anyone who desires.
  • The trading and logistics consulting is especially useful for those customers who intend to enter the market of suppliers and products from Asia, including Indonesia, India and China.
  • From one point of view, this region provides stunning capacities to importers providing their extremely tempting affordable stock and incredibly low prices; from a different angle, this region is poorly familiar with our companies which is a lot of potential challenges and unnecessary risks that may be and should be familiar with and should be addressed to reduce their influence and here we are to efficiently help you.

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