Payment Systems Licenses



Today, there are jurisdictions in different countries that differ with requirements of loyalty for doing business and payment data receipt.

Of special advantages of such counterparties, the following may be distinguished:

  • providing anonymity;
  • absence of currency control;
  • full/partial relief from tax penalties.

It is profitable to do business, including to form payment systems and regulate domestic currency flows therein in such places.


The personnel of the Private Financial Services are willing to render a professional assistance to organize the payment system business. The client may get the advice to select the jurisdiction, for assistance in preparation of papers to register the payment system, as well as for support in the subsequent process of the finance control. Based ont the impressive practical experience and extensive theoretical knowledge of the personnel, the Private Financial Services guarantees quick and effective result.

The specialists simplify the payment system registration i the legal field and with the quick benefit for the client.

The client of the company may rely on:

  • the quick solution to issues;
  • cost optimization;
  • exemption from standard hassle and bureaucratic delay;
  • minimizing of the risk of mistake due to misunderstanding or failure to be aware of rules and laws;
  • comprehensive assistance and support in solving problems of any complexity, for example, to register the payment system, to establish an offshore company and to get a residence permit.

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