Open Current Account in Hong Kong

Open Current Account in Hong Kong

For you, account may become not only a common tool to settle with partners or suppliers, and the tool to enter foreign markets, etc. In most cases, they are used to directly demonstrate the company status and prestige. Accounts in prestigious banks of the world may be opened purusing such purposes. Such companies are based in Hong Kong, either since it is the reliable financial center. The local legal field is friendly and open-minded to non-residents of the country to the highest extent; the state offers tax benefits and banking secrecy.

It is quite easy to open an account for short time and as assured, if you address to our company. Our professionals are willing to consult you on any appropriate financial structure at any time; they will help to collect the required documents and execute and file them properly and finally, they will help to open an account with one of Hong Kong banks.

Open Current Account in Hong Kong – Procedure

Hong Kong-based banks should be partnered as competently as possible starting from the first minute of application. This is also the case where our specialists may render assistance. Also, we provide a wide range of services to open local accounts with little involvement of the customer. Our offer includes:
Collection of documents as required of the list — copies of passports of the management with contact data thereof, constituent documents.

Source of wealth confirmation.

If necessary, interviews will be taken,

Since Hong Kong banks require a deposit from 1,5 thousand USD;
Making a list of resident companies of Hong Kong that have business relations with the customer.

To open bank accounts, individuals should have the HKID and reside in the country for over six months.
We deliver more related services and full support to open a bank account, in addition to services to register a business in this jurisdiction.
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