Open Bank Account in Saint Vincent

Open Bank Account in Saint Vincent

Saint Vincent is the country too loyal to non-residents that offers quick and safe procedure of account opening with a bank. You’d better apply to our experts, since they are qualified and experienced enough to minimize time losses, all sorts of risks and communication with local bureaucracy. Our experts provide full support throughout the procedure and are highly qualified in what they do for you.
Open Bank Account in Saint Vincent now!

Nuances of Account Opening

Recently, the process of account opening is significantly simplified in here where the safety and privacy of the client personal data and their operations remained at the highest level. The company Directors are not required to appear personally for registration purposes. If your papers are correct and true, they they are properly prepared and filed, the entire procedure of account opening takes less than 3 weeks. Our staff will provide assistance to you as follows:

  • They will make the minimal deposit of at least $ 200.
  • They will specify the account currency and the language of service as you prefer.
  • They will cause documents translated into English or they will execute documents in English.
  • They will file an agreement in relation to your account along with annexes and will prepare a detailed business plan.
  • They will collect documents as required (copy of documents to prove the identity of your company executives, including notarized copies of your passport, driving license, acknowledgment of address and bank facility references).
  • They will get final documents and all codes, keys, cards as the procedure is completed.





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