Open Bank Account in Liechtenstein

Open Bank Account in Liechtenstein

Businessmen prefer opening accounts with foreign banks to preserve and capitalize funds. Moreover, foreign financial institutions guarantee the anonymity and confidentiality of personal data, timeliness of payments that commits to the international entrepreneural business development.

One of the most profitable and stable banking structure that offers the high quality services are Liechtenstein-based financial institutions.
Banks offer various types of banking products – current, deposit, savings, and other accounts. They differ in target; on the top of it, they differ in the limit of deposits and operations allowed.

The peculiarity of banking service provision in Liechtenstein is zero “batch programs”. All banking products (accounts, cards, insurance, deposits) are issued individually by individual agreement each. Certain types of accounts are only opened in certain currency, for example, in Swiss francs, others may be open in all convertible currencies. In certain cases, the bank may require written verification of income or specify the number of expected transactions. The bank service charge is charged depending on the frequency of turnover and number of transactions.

Main Benefits

Main benefits of bank accounts opened in Liechtenstein

Though Liechtenstein is a mini-state, the banking sector in here is adequately strong and is considered one of the most stable sector in the world.
Main benefits and advantages for bank customers:

  • compliance with commercial and banking secrecy;
  • remote user access to accounts;
  • simplified procedure for registration (less than two weeks);
  • loyal policy of financial institutions to non-residents; accounts may be opened regardless of the form of business or citizenship. In addition, banks serve both corporates and individuals.

Certified specialists of the Private Financial Services ensure qualified support for transaction at all stages – from the time when a customer applies for assistance to the time when the supporting documentation is issued.
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