Open Bank Account in Latvia

Open Bank Account in Latvia

In fact, Latvia is not offshore. Meanwhile, this is the state that actively attracts capital from abroad. Who makes attempts to open accounts with Latvian banks? Businessmen who target to stable and reliable business and who strive to enter the global market. Being successful and self-sufficient, they are aware that the account with prestigious bank in Europe is the other step to success. What motivates customers, among other things, to apply to foreign banks? First of all, broad laws of the state and anonymity. Among many other factors, the following should be marked. So, neither financial monitoring, no clear provisions on the amount of the minimum required balance, etc., are practiced here.

We Have Vast Experience in Latvia

The company helps with accounts to open wih banks in Latvia. Considering all the customer peculiarities, the specialists of the Private Financial Services will choose the appropriate bank with the most advantageous rates for the customer.

In which banks does the company open accounts? Here is the list where we can help to open bank account in Latvia:

• Latvijas Pasta Banka,
• Rietumu Banka,
• ABLV Bank, etc.
Highly experienced professional lawyers will provide adequate advice and will reliably cope with all bureaucratic and arrangement procedures to the fullest extent.

As a rule, banks do not require anything in terms of minimal balances. But if there is no capital, nor asset flow, they may apply rates not so benefitial.

Open Bank Account in Latvia - Benefits

A significant factor to collaborate with Latvian banks is the increasing good will of the company among other things. This includes:

  1. Assured capital security through the reliable banking system;
    2. simplicity: opening the remote account, the Private Financial Services customer may manage it via the Internet, connecting mobile devices and other convenient means; finally, it helps to save time and money,
    3. fixed rates, simplifying important processes
    4. speed: it takes 1 to 4 weeks to become the account owner,
    5. guaranteed confidentiality of all processes,
    6. servicing in English,
    7. efficiency when working with queries,
    8. wide correspondent network, etc.

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