Open Bank Account in Austria

How to Open Bank Account in Austria?

Financial institutions in Austria are believed to be the most reliable and stable institutions in the world. National banking centers offer a full range of services.
The advanced policies of anonymity and full privacy attract foreign customers. In addition, credit and finance structures in Austria help and consult non-residents; a set of programs and services is developed aimed at attracting foreign investors and potential customers.

However, customers who are introduced to the applicable law of the country may experience various problems when filing banking products.
The consulting company Private Financial Services will help you to choose the most suitable option of banking services for each activity. The customer will not have to waste time to study the national regulatory framework and think of high commission fees for banking services. The representatives of Private Financial Services will assume to select the most suitable contractor among the Austrian banks.

Open Bank Account in Austria - Procedure

The client base of credit and finance institutions is divided into two categories. Foreign entrepreneurs and investors refer to the so-called second category – Devisenauslaender. Foreign users of banking services are offered the possibility to open a choice of accounts (regardless of the deposit currency), operations with securities and precious metals are allowed.

To maximize the effective use of available funds in Austrian banks, the program of minimum balance on the current account is in place. Certain agencies set requirements in terms of personal presence of the customer immediately in Austria; the others allow the meetings within the territory of the applicant (for example, in Moscow).

To sign banking agreements, corporate clients will need the following documents:

— business registration papers (copy and original);
— personal identification data of the company owners;
— company description and profile, the plan-prospect of the economic and commercial activities;
— verification of the income source (optional to client);
— certificate of good standings that confirms the legality of the business activities at the time of issuance.

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