High Risk Merchant Accounts

High Risk Merchant Accounts

Companies that consider expansion to the international market, often choose high risk businesses for themselves. This trend is especially relevant for different variations of online commerce, including transactions on the Forex market, online gambling and more. However, this style is known for a range of specific working conditions and their rules, and companies involved in similar operations should meet strict requirements regarding confidentiality.

In such a situation, thanks to high risk account opening, there is the opportunity to conduct transactions and payments with the highest possible comfort and convenience. This allows interaction with all kinds of accounts linked to business areas known for high risk.
These include:

  • Bitcoin and Forex;
  • File sharing and dating services;
  • Sale of generics licensed and other varieties of pharmacological group of products;
  • Operations on the mediation, economic and brokerage market;
  • Gambling of any and all form, including the lottery, casino online and slot machines;
  • The implementation of pet products, replica products, tobacco products, etc.; and
  • Tourist activities, hotel booking and otherwise.

Accounts opened for high risk area activity, result in greater cost for maintenance, if compared with that in low-risk area, and moreover, it requires collection of the large documentation package. For the good start of your business, without disclosure of private and confidential information and excessively high financial investments, you may seek help and advice of the Private Financial Services experts.

Merchant Accounts And Their Distinctive Features

As a rule, activities in high risk areas require merchant account connection from users that allow the opportunity to optimize the e-business to the greatest extent. This solution allows acceptance and processing of customer bank cards by paying via the POS terminals or remotely with the email or web channel used.

Merchant accounts have a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Monitoring of the high risk operations with their reliable protection at the expense of foreign acquiring banks with no national reference or various offshore jurisdictions;
  • Comfortable interaction with the main account opened with a bank;
  • Option to pay for services using forms on the website directly;
  • Extensive range of payment methods available;
  • Optimized tax system, control over the currency and so on.

Qualified Facilitation to Open High Risk Accounts

The Private Financial Services offers the qualified facilitation when you open high risk accounts. We can offer a wide range of services in the field of account opening intended to use in the area of high-risk activities.

Our skilled personnel with the huge experience will render assistance:

  • To choose the best bank to interact with the good standing where the account opening requires minimum information;
  • To issue the required set of documents;
  • To complete all stages of account opening procedure;
  • To get the required business consulting in full.

We care of absolute privacy of our customers by selecting the most proven and reliable partners, the best options for management and effortless business mechanism.

If supported by our company, account opening in the high risk area takes the least time and does not require too much involvement of the customer in the procedure. All services that we render are fully legitimate and legal, the connection of the account requires the least time. The pricing policy is accessible and affordable, the final cost of services depends on the customer, his demands and requirements.





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