The Digital Transformation of the Kingdom

Saudi Arabia, a land once primarily known for its vast oil reserves, is undergoing a significant transformation. The sands are shifting, and amidst them, pixels, controllers, and gaming consoles are emerging as vital cogs in the country’s diversification strategy.

Statistics Tell the Story

Let the numbers do the talking:
21 million gamers right in Saudi Arabia, making up a whopping 58% of its vibrant population. An astonishing prediction sees the MENA gaming market catapulting to $2.79 billion by 2026. And let’s not forget the colossal 377 million esports gamers sprinkled across the Middle East, all hungry for action.

Saudi Arabia Gaming Hub and The Visionary National Gaming and Esports Strategy

It’s not just about loving to game; it’s about creating an environment where gaming thrives. The National Gaming and Esports Strategy is Saudi’s game plan for the global leaderboard:

Improving player experience: Upgrading technologies, bolstering internet infrastructure, and setting regulatory goals to guarantee those high scores.
Creating new opportunities: From nurturing fledgling game start-ups to pouring resources into existing game giants and putting the Kingdom on the map with mind-blowing esports events.
Economic boost: By drawing foreign game devs with their deep pockets, manifesting job opportunities aplenty, and forging the game-makers of tomorrow through innovative education.

Anecdote: The Gaming Youth of Riyadh

Picture young Ahmed, controller in hand, headset on, eyes glued to the screen. From his room in bustling Riyadh, he isn’t just playing; he’s part of a cultural revolution. Once his parents saw gaming as a mere distraction, but now, with the nation’s focus, it’s becoming a viable dream. A dream of competing, creating, and conquering in the gaming world.

Savvy Gaming Group: Spearheading the Charge

Enter the heroes of our tale – the Savvy Gaming Group. Funded by the deep coffers of the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, they’re on a mission. They’re scouting the globe, ready to snatch up top-tier games, ensuring Saudi gamers get nothing but the best.

The Regulatory Backbone

But what’s a game without rules? Saudi Arabia is ensuring a smooth playthrough for businesses by setting up solid regulations. From doling out licenses to game devs and esports teams, ensuring intellectual property isn’t pinched, to paving the way for seamless online payments, they’re on top of their game.

Gamers8: Setting the Stage on Fire

Come July 2023, all eyes will be on Saudi Arabia. Why? It’s hosting Gamers8, the gaming extravaganza known as the world’s largest esports and gaming event. With the creème de la creème of esports players and global gaming celebs, it’s a testament to Saudi Arabia’s sprint towards becoming an unbeatable gaming titan.


So, next time you’re engrossed in your favourite game, think of Saudi Arabia – the underdog, the unexpected player, gradually capturing the gaming territories. As it levels up, the Kingdom is not just playing; it’s setting the rules of the game.

There you go, Saudi’s journey into the world of gaming – an epic game where the Kingdom is rapidly unlocking achievements and set to clinch the title of a global “Saudi Arabia gaming hub”. Game on!

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