Due Diligence Services

Procedure – due diligence allows the comprehensive tax, legal, regulatory and financial auditing of the legal entity, property, whole property complex or a counterparty.

For over 10 years our company has been delivering Due Diligence services for a wide range of business activities both within the Russian Federation and abroad.

We support customers within the merger and acquisition agreements, operations with real estate, asset purchases, audit of contractors, counterparties, legal entities, suppliers, partners and individuals.

Within our audit held out by our professionals, we do the following:

  • We review the corporate personnel management, study papers that regulate the personnel management at the enterprise and verify civil agreements.
  • We analyze the corporate structure, title and constituent papers.
  • We review the company-related court proceedings almost at all stages of the judicial process.
  • We verify the title to the company stake, shares, real estate, movable property and other intangible assets.
  • We do a comprehensive validation of compliance of the corporate operating activities with the applicable law.
  • We check officials for criminal record or criminal prosecution.
  • We do auditing for all the reporting, for example, accounting, financial and tax statements.

In the end of any verification procedure, the customer is submitted with the detailed expert opinion describing violations and risks on the test facility.

In addition, correcting actions are specified on defect elimination or consideration within the framework of potential agreement.

The length of Due Diligence services largely depends on the list of objects to be inspected (real estate, individuals and legal entities, etc.), depth and elaboration of inspection, availability of the data required.

In general, such the inspection may last for several days and even weeks.

The due diligence services was successfully held by our experts for hundreds of times in different continents and jurisdictions and this helped our clients to protect their assets and interests.

For more detailed information, please contact our experts.