Foreign companies who wish to establish their business in Albania can set up a representative, subsidiary or branch office in Albania. In some cases are can also act as a VAT representative for the companies. Any foreign professionals or entrepreneurs are allowed to register their company in Albania and can run their operations by even without relocating to Albania. They are free to relocate to Albania if they wish.

We have experienced business lawyers who understand all issues involving small and medium business enterprises. We try to figure out any issues so that we can eliminate both tax and legal risk through comprehensive protective and planning measures.



We also offer comprehensive property, payroll, accounting and tax evaluation services. These services involve drafting all the documents which are required to establish any kind of business. One of the reasons why you should trust us is that our professional consultants do take to learn about the kind of industry which you wish to venture into. After learning about your unique goals, we will inform you about the company registration options which you have in Albania. All your financial goals, business structure preferences, variables and liability protection are also taken into consideration.

We do offer many services regarding the formation of a company in Albania. Some of these services include registration of the following:

Representative office in Albania

Subsidiary in Albania

Partnerships and Sole proprietorships

Joint-stock companies

Limited liability companies


The other kind of service that we can assist you with, is drafting all the documents which are required in registering your business in Albania. These documents include preparing the partnership and shareholder agreements, power of attorney, board resolutions, by-laws and other vital documents.


Specificity of the registering

Your company can be incorporated in Albania if it has at least one director and shareholder. The shareholder can be a corporate entity or an individual. Foreigners are not restricted in buying shares or being allowed to partially own a company in Albania. However, the company must have their office registered in Albania, where they would send their representative to.

Some of the things which are required for company registration in Albania are:

Company name

A summary of the activities of the business

Memorandum and Articles of Association

The details of the Directors

The details and percentage of shareholders

An office address which is registered in Albania


Formation process

The national registration center is a public institution which is responsible for registering and maintaining all information regarding the registration of all businesses in Albania. All businesses must be registered by this institution. This center functions as a single path for registering a business in Albania. This is because the business is usually registered automatically, with tax administration, labor office, health and social insurance institute.

The steps which are followed include the following:

Checking is the business name is available and reserve it

Drafting legal documents such as Memorandum and Articles of Association, power of attorney and decision of the board of directors

Applying for registration at the National registration center

Receiving the registration certificate

Registering your business with the Municipality Bureau at the Department of Internal Revenue

Opening a bank account

When it comes to registration of companies in Albania, the entrepreneurs are regulated by Law No 9901 which was drafted on April 14th, 2008. Foreigners are not restricted in company ownership and investment of the equity and profits in their native countries.


Term of registering

Any business is assumed that it has been registered officially after completing the registration at this center and being issued with a registration certificate. The process of registering a company in Albania is efficient and faster. Under the normal circumstances, your company can be registered within 1 or 2 working days at the National Registration Center.
We offer all foreign companies and entrepreneurs valuable and smart solutions on how they can register their companies in Albania. Feel free to contact us today for assistance.

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