Estonia has become known as a hotspot for tech startups in recent years. And it’s no wonder, given the country’s forward-thinking attitude and supportive ecosystem. A company in Estonia for startup is also an excellent option to launch a fintech startup. Here’s why:

1. Favourable regulatory environment
Estonia has a favourable regulatory environment for fintech startups. The country’s flexible banking regulations have spurred the growth of many innovative fintech companies.

2. Thriving startup ecosystem
Estonia is home to a thriving startup ecosystem. There are many support organizations and accelerators dedicated to helping startups succeed.

3. Highly skilled workforce
Estonia has a highly skilled workforce. This is due in part to the country’s excellent education system.

4. Favourable tax regime
Estonia has a very favourable tax regime for businesses, which is another big advantage for fintech startups.

5. Convenient location
Estonia’s location makes it a convenient place to do business. The country is situated between the EU and Russia, making it a perfect gateway to both markets.

Estonia has a long history of innovative digital solutions. The country’s e-Estonia initiative has made it a world leader in digital service delivery. This includes smart contracts, high-speed connectivity, electronic ID and enabling legislation.

Estonian banks are some of the most efficient and agile in the world. They have been early beneficiaries of the country’s digital infrastructure and continue to profit from it.

Estonia has a long history of utilising decentralised, distributed systems. This means that the country is well-positioned to take advantage of Blockchain technology. If you’re looking for a place to launch your fintech startup, Estonia is an excellent choice. The country’s favourable regulatory environment, thriving startup ecosystem, highly skilled workforce, and convenient location make it a perfect place to start your business.

Estonia has everything you need to succeed. Would you like to register a company in Estonia for a startup, just drop us a line!