A shareholder can legally transfer his shares of Estonian company or a part of his share to other people. However, the agreement needs to be certified by the notary public in Estonia. This type of certification establishes the intention of the parties and outlines the facts that are a prerequisite for a legally correct transaction.

Should the Share Transfer Agreement Be Certified?

It is necessary that both parties are present in the office of the notary public at the time of certification. If one or both parties are not available for signature purposes, they could depute their representatives with power of attorney. The power of attorney has to be certified by a notary public as well. Do not hesitate to let us know if you need a PoA and we will provide you with a sample PoA that can be certified by notary public in your home country.

What Are the Required Documents and Data?

Here is a list of documents that you should provide us to be prepared and presented at the notary public’s office for certification:

  • It is mandatory to provide copies of your passport, home address and contact details of both the seller and buyer.
  • You must provide some personal documents that describe the marital status of the seller, such as marriage certificate.
  • If the seller’s marital status is married and the share was obtained after marriage and is a common property of the couple, the seller needs to provide the spouse’s PoA or ensure the presence of his or her spouse at the office of the notary public for signature purpose.
  • If the seller or buyer is a legal person, then a copy of the passport of the representative, a certificate of registration and a PoA should be provided (provided the representative is not a member of the board).
  • If the seller is not selling his or her complete share, the seller should provide the nominal value of the part of the share he or she is looking to sell.
  • A document that outlines the necessary conditions of the share transfer agreement, such as price, payment terms and conditions and other crucial details.

Do you need Any Other Documents?

It is important for you to understand that all public documents, including power of attorney, certificate of registration and marriage certificate should be certified and have apostille, in order to be used in Estonia as official documents.

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