Bank Account in the Seychelles

Bank Account in the Seychelles

The Republic of Seychelles is listed as the most known offshore center among others. The credit and finance system is constantly evolving and promoting in there. There are no restrictions in servicing of foreigners by bank facilities, the clients are offered the opportunity to make the term and current deposit, savings account, to choose a credit card of any type and status. The advanced banking sector of the Seychelles is attractive for most entrepreneurs from abroad to open offshore accounts.

The Private Financial Services personnel is aware of all legal detailed in place in the country. Certified professionals will quickly and efficiently manage the procedure to prepare a package of documents as required, to file an agreement with the banking management, obtain all banking products, including the username, password and pin code.

Bank Account in the Seychelles - Procedure

In the Seychelles, credit and finance facilities do not require from customers to appear personally to conclude service contracts.
A company owner to open bank account in the Seychelles has to prepare and collect a typical package of documents that includes:

  • identity documents and evidence of authenticity of addresses of the company owners and founders;
  • application form completed and signed;
  • plan of economic activity, a list of applicable partners and countries that the company collaborates with;
  • a valid mailing address is required to get instructions and links to remote access to your accounts;
  • verification sheet of banks that serve authorized persons (representatives) of the company.

There is a limit to the amount of the deposit. The amount of deposit shall be at least five thousand dollars. In compliance with policies of financial institutions, deposits should be in the account for the entire period of banking product.

In the Seychelles, banks constantly work to improve client-oriened services. Credit and finance facilities are prioritized to develop and improve options of remote access to accounts and card products.
Bank account in the Seychelles is a fast and easy solution for your business!





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