Consulting for the detailed review of your project

Selection Of The Most Loyal Jurisdiction

llows avoiding problems with crypto-currency operations

gives the possibility to choose the jurisdiction with the minimal risk of data disclosure about beneficiaries

Corporate Structure

designed to comply with all requirements of supervisory bodies

Opening of Bank Account and Payment Systems

all options are considered in advance and lists of required documents are compared to open a bank account

Private Financial Services in collaboration with lawyers involved prepare a package of internal corporate documents

user agreement

contracts/offers for token sale

public offer agreements

electronic contracts

loan agreements, barter agreements

contracts for token holders that allow risk reduction for the issuing company

ICO White Paper

ICO White Paper

a document to be critical for project promotion, White Paper properly executed in view of local legislation in the registered jurisdiction, will ensure investors to deposits

Development of Compliance Measures to Maximize ICO Risk Reduction:

violation of the law on the internal market manipulation of the country

acceptance of tokens as securities in view of experience gained

violations of the law within the AML policy of the country


reduction of risks and liabilities of all ICO participants: to the issuer, founders and investors

Development of key mechanisms of the company for its full functioning

to distribute investments attracted in ICO and individually developed mechanism will allow to distribute profits reasonably de jure between developers, exchanges, users, attracted experts and other concerned parties

to convert funds received as the crypto-currency in the course of ICO converted to fiat money, and their subsequent withdrawal

for smooth running of all the corporate functions in terms of activity legalizing and preparation of the required package of documents, our specialists will provide full support, including the necessary licensing

ICO is the brand-new product and investor attraction requires the data submitted to them in the most convenient way for them, in clear and legally correct form. As part of the ICO support, the Private Financial Services offers preparation of full answers to official questions from investors, via the most convenient and accessible means of communication for them

The Private Financial Services offers its consulting services and support to customers who primarily intend to create a fair and transparent ICO, to implement the actual project, sought-after and competitive in the nearest future.
In turn, the company offers services to represent customers in disputes related directly to the ICO: arbitration proceedings, mediation, disputes to be considered at state courts.
The Private Financial Services provides various services related to blockchain and cryptographic projects.

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