Account Opening in Singapore

Account Opening in Singapore

The Republic of Singapore is legitimately referred to the East Asian tigers.

Funds deposited by foreign companies with the Singapore banks are more sought-after year by year.
The national credit and financial facilities distinguished due to:

  • economic stability;
  • zero risk;
  • reliability of deposits;
  • quality range of services;
  • compulsory insurance as specified by the laws of Singapore;
  • confidentiality and anonymity of personal data of foreign customers;
  • stable tax policy.

No strict requirements are set to the minimal cash deposit; the program of low banking service rates and fees is in place for new customers. Offshore companies pay for the banking services to open and operate the account as per the specially developed tariff rate.

Quick and High Quality Procedure to Sign Contract

Certified experts employed by Private Financial Services, the consulting company, assure to offer quick and quality procedure to sign contracts on banking service delivery with the least possible invovlement of the customer.

Applying to the company for help, the customers will be able to open an account, make a deposit, card product, and get cheque forms. The company experts deliver legal consulting and help to collect a package of documents as required.

To be a client of the Singapore Bank, the following documentation is required:

  • summary description of company profile;
  • certificates to prove legality of deposits;
  • official permission from the entity owners to conclude contracts.

PFSER supervises the account opening process and transaction management; in addition, it is involved in direct meeting of the company owners with the representatives of the Bank in Singapore within the specified period. The company offers consulting services at the interview, it bears responsibility for the procedure of account registration that takes about a month, it contributes to get the access to Internet banking to arrange the remote corporate account management.





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