Document Translation and Certification

The Private Financial Services Company offers a comprehensive package of services of document translation of various type and format.

Thus, we are available for the following translations:

  • Certificate of registration;
  • Address documents;
  • Information on directors;
  • Certificates of founders and shareholders;
  • Statutory documentation;
  • Agreements on company establishment;
  • The Minutes of Meeting of the Management;
  • Any other documents and texts.

We offer translations of any possible certificates and reports issued by foreign companies and institutions, translation of various economic papers, documents on the opening of representative offices and many other.

At your request, we can have the translated papers certified by a notary.

For a long period of time, the Private Financial Services delivers services to all its customers at the high level of quality regarding auditing, accounting, and, among other things, delivery of comprehensive legal support.

You can rely on us to get professional consulting in various area of concentration.

We are willing to render assistance in translation of papers as required, to file and execute applications with further submission thereof to authorities and bodies as required.

We are also available to arrange the notary certification of documents and securities – all that you need regarding this service.

We offer the variable and affordable price policy that strictly depends on the assignment to address, the level of complexity and the number of consultants required to address it.

To note, the qualified and high quality services cannot be low-charged; moreover, if and where the consultation and translation only are required, the amount to be paid will be insignificant.

To get the price list for translation and certification of documents, please contact our experts.




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