Asset and Capital Management

The Private Financial Services held the comprehensive consolidation of the list of services and tools submitted in Wealth Management that allowed highest standards of living for clients gaining significant income.

Moreover, we are engaged in financial solution elaboration for entities and private sector representatives; we deal with clients who own considerable assets and we render comprehensive assistance in profit generation while paying the utmost attention to taxation optimizing at the global level.

Services that we deliver in the filed of asset and capital management are far extensive and variable, and they include, among other things, the following:

  • investment consulting
  • financial outsourcing
  • access opening to traditional services of the banking sector
  • review of projects and portfolio with investment services
  • delivery of Family Office services, including fund generation, issues on inheritance and global taxation.

Our experts will render the integrated assistance in consulting and strategy development that will meet your needs and preferences to the highest extent to ensure the effective capital operation for your greatest benefit.

The Private Financial Services provides the integrated approach to your capital by supporting and advising on various investment trends with different assets and tools involved.

The main concern of the consultant is to provide the comprehensive analysis of assets owned by you with the elaborated effective strategy for their growth and protection.

The asset management that is one of the priority areas the Private Financial Services.

The company experts own the considerable experience and are able to provide the efficient asset management including those located within the global jurisdiction.

The Private Financial Services is able to offer one of the most extensive and variable-based lists of financial products that is feasible due to close contact with globally leading investment companies and banking structures.

We develop investment solutions, including those of simplified and structured basis, using the liquidity tools.

Due to this, if and when necessary, the clients may adjust their investment portfolio in view of changed environment.

The Private Financial Services Company Company has always fulfilled its obligations in full and on a timely basis.




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